The Caregiver needs to be cared for too, through prayers, also asking them what specifically would help them in order to take some of the load off. For example, could you do some of these…laundry, ironing, cut the grass, get groceries, oil change, pay a bill, give them time to go shopping, or take some time out …the possibilities are many and all as it takes is for someone who genuinely cares. This involves THINKING with the INTENTION to serve them, help them, and sacrificially LOVE them through you, me!

  • Jesus says “ as you DO to the least of these… you DO unto Me.” – ( Matt 25:50). The way we treat others is in exact proportion to how we treat Him.
  • The caregiver needs caring too…Ask with the specific intention to help, “What can I do that would help you the most?” Note, it’s not telling them, or assuming you know…but stop… ask intentionally… in order to do what THEY SAY WOULD HELP THEM! 
If for example, they said they needed the oil in their car changed and perhaps you do not know how don’t leave it. Ask around, and give others the opportunity to help. We only have to ask specifically with a loving caring heart and begin with LISTENING with the intent to help carry the load. Jesus told the story of the “Good Samaritan,” to show what loving others looks like and caregivers need to be loved…
Care for the Caregivers! -(Read Luke 10:25-37).