“BE KIND…” -{Eph 4:32}

“Kind”– The word speaks of sweet disposition, usefulness, with compassion towards others in mind. It also includes friendliness, gentleness, loving affection.

Believers are to be known for their usefulness, helpfulness, friendliness, compassion, empathy towards others, as a lifestyle, not perfection but a new direction in the life being increasingly developed and imparted to others. In the context it is opposite of bitterness. It is to be courteous, good mannered, gentle, and helpful to others,

“BE…” -The word means ” BECOME…BRING INTO EXISTENCE…,” what a picture. Bringing into existence something, namely kindness. In contrast to the vices mentioned in verses 29-31. Grammatically it is to Begin NOW. Bring into EXISTENCE this new way of you THINKING and living, and continue to do so. Each believer is personally responsible to express kindness and continually to become. Think of it where you are, you not only have the Word to Guide you, The Holy Spirit to empower but the RESPONSIBILITY to choose to bring into EXISTENCE Kindness wherever you are! KEEP ON BECOMING KIND...”BE…” (ginomai) The idea is that they they had to ABANDON one way of THINKING, and LIVING {Read v 29-31 and the  six vices mentioned; Bitterness, Wrath, Anger, Clamor, Slander, Malice}and beginning right there and then and continue in the OPPOSITE way of THINKING A NEW WAY, and ACTING out a New Lifestyle of… KINDNESS towards Others. Right Thinking To Produce Right Actions, namely KINDNESS!

It is gramatically, “Be BECOMING…” Bring it into existence…more and more, Kindness in words, and deeds…Useful, Helpful, Kind to others, sweet disposition, friendliness. It is the same word translated “EASY” in Matt 11:30 where Jesus said “My yoke is EASY{Kind}.”- “FIT FOR USE, MILD, PLEASANT.”- such is kindness! It is said of the character of God, -“kind, gracious, ” -{Luke 6:35}. ethically of “manners”-{1 Cor 15:33}.

THINK before you speak,or act. “Is this Kind?” Is this what the LORD has told me how to respond? If not Kindness, it’s not His will. You can be “right”in what you say but wrong in why you say it or wrong in the way you say it.

It is to be GOOD MANNERED, GENTLE in your dealing with others, as opposed to harsh, hard, bitter! There is no place for rudeness, bitterness. Kindness is Considerate towards others. Kind in Speech. Polite, Mild Mannered,Pleasant as opposed to BITTER, HARSH, RUDE, CRUDE. Kind in words, manner and deeds! Kind and Useful towards others.

BE BEING KIND to Others today. It’s God’s Command for you to be Continuously so, and with it you have the Capacity as you have the Holy Spirit within you to empower you to be Kind, His Word to guide you and now the CHOICE to be Kind. After all KINDNESS IS LOVE IN ACTION {“Love is being kind”-1 Cor 13:4}

** No one outside of you can cause you not to choose to be Kind! “God has given us everything pertaining to life and Godliness”-{2 Peter 1:3-4}

* Kindness is an Attitude to Be Adopted and an Action to be expressed, which looks out for the welfare of others.

THINK of it, Jesus is asking them and you and me to Treat Others the way He has and does treat us… with KINDNESS!

Someone today can be a recipient of Kindness towards them because you Choose to BRING INTO EXISTENCE towards them an Attitude- THINK ANEW- and DO Acts of Kindness!- And in doing so, you are choosing to Obey The Lord!