Thank you praying regards my pain which was severe, a result of several incurable diseases including rare muscle disease.

The day before I was able to get out of the house and felt surprisingly “good.” My Pain was under control. That morning I had read the verse “ Acquaint yourself with God and be at peace,”

I drove up to a restaurant to pick up a meal for someone and I told the young man taking my order that I read something that morning and shared that verse with him. His response was. That’s alot to take in… later I went to a post office and there was a lot of people in there and as I was leaving after being served, there was an older brother behind the counter next to me, who I had met a spoken to before. He did not see me as he had his head down working ,and I tried to get his attention as I began to walk away and said” Good bye!” He Lifted his head and with a big smile said “ How are you?”

I said,”I read this verse this morning “Acquaint yourself with God an be at peace.”

And then I Turned away and began to walk out and passed by some people. And it wasn’t till that evening laying in bed I was reminded by the LORD that when I shared that verse out loud that there were so many people standing in line who …also heard it:). Praise the LORD!

Plus also two more opportunities-,phone calls from different states, one dear brother was having a men’s fishing event and was going to share and wanted to use a message I had written. So along with some other verses I shared after I got off the phone I began to type up some verses and added to the devotional I had written and sent it to him.

Later that night a man who was speaking at a high school graduation the following day called to ask a question. It turned into a conversation about what he was going to share. The LORD was so kind in bringing verses to mind on the Topic and I was able to share. He was so grateful. I was so encouraged by the LORD reminding me of the verses. We never read or study just for ourselves.He will give us opportunities.

Then the following morning I woke at 5am and found great difficulty walking without the aid of a walker,but majority of day spent in new chair that arrived that very morning which some people purchased for me which helps stand me up. Perfect timing! I have had so much trouble trying to stand up from a chair as my legs are losing power and it takes great effort.

The stairs are very difficult to climb as my legs are so weak and losing strength. Next up I will needs chair lift

And I will need an adjustable bed to help me get up … as my body weakens

The pain was as severe as I have experienced in months. Today spent in bed. Too weak to move. Homecare nurse came by today and started a four hour infusion. Got to share about the LORD.

Last week I had two medical appointments which were very hard to get to due to weakness, one being a biopsy, which turned out good as I got to speak about the LORD with Doctor and a nurse. My mobility is getting worse….

I am due to see a doctor later this week about infusions for a different disease. In times past the LORD has given me opportunities to share with staff.

Thank you for your prayers , thankful to the LORD for His Word and your kindness to encourage me

Thankful to be able to write daily devotionals for now with the hope they may encourage someone … my hands at times are very painful. “ But God…”

God bless