God’s PROMISE to you- He ACCEPTS You -{Romans 15:7}

God’s PRIVILEGE for you -ACCEPT ONE ANOTHER- {Romans 15:7}

Godly PRACTICE for you – “Just AS GOD IN CHRIST has accepted you.” -{Romans 15:7}

Godly PURPOSE for you -“…that GOD WILL BE GIVEN GLORY.”-{Roman 15:7}

The word “Accept”-{proslambano} is used in the verse to speak of friendliness, to welcome and receive hospitably, into one’s home or circle of friends, a warm welcome. It’s a command in the present imperative that speaks of lifestyle, this is what is to characterize followers of Christ. The believer is to initiate and participate in this. It is an attitude and an action! Give them a warm welcome, and take them to your heart. Treat them with love and graciousness.

  • Not because they are perfect which they are not but because God commands you continually to do so!
  • We can be so nit-picky on things that are not essential and turn minor things into major things. And have rifts between us. Childish, spiritually immature at best, pride at worse!
  • God accepts you and He would have you reflect His love by accepting others with an open heart of love!

The idea is as one writer put it, “Any friend of His is a friend of mine!”

  • Having redeemed, accepted us to the glory of God-{Read Ephesians 1:6} we too in recognizing, accepting other believers as Christ has accepted you God is glorified. it matters how we treat one another, Glorifying God is at stake!

Read the verse again and again, meditate upon it, and THANK the LORD with the help of the Holy Spirit you have the power to choose to accept other believers with a warm open heart of love towards them, and in doing so are Glorifying God!

“Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.”-{Romans 15:7 nlt}

Thankful for you

God Bless,