Love is a Burden Lifter !

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”( which is love )- Gal 6:2 

Recently someone surprised  me and  came to see me and spend a few days and was due to leave but stayed three extra days when they found out I had no transportation to get to a medical appointment! They changed their schedule , plans, so they could get me to my appointment. They saw the need and didn’t tell me ” I will pray for you..,” though that would have been appreciated but instead chose to express love in a tangible way. Love is not concerned with personal inconveniences but with helping the one in need when it is in their power. And I get to TESTIFY to you of Love in action and ” by this ALL men will KNOW YOU are MY disciples by YOUR LOVE. For one another.”( john 13:34-35)

But there is ANOTHER in this story of Love. Unseen. Yet revealing Himself in the circumstances, providentially working , knowing a need would arise unknown to me or my friend. He put it on his heart to drive ten hours to see me. He gave him the opportunity to “see” a need and meet it. His providential dealings are seen in His using circumstances and people to meet a need to His end, so that we may “see” Him, His love , in our time of need…. His love revealed through a good samaratain ! I got to share at my medical appointment of Him and now again with you of a story of love. God would have His servant drive ten hours to see me and part of His intent in revealing His love was providentially providing and allowing me to recognize and ” see” Him in my burdens !

  • My burden.., eliminated and burden lifted

  • My friend choosing to express love by his own volition made a choice to be a good Samaritan

  • And now I get to TESTIFY to you of His love in action

Got burdens ?
Know someone who has?
You are His provision for them to get under it and help .. And in dong so HE IS TESTIFIED OF that YOU are one of HIS!

Was is convenient for my friend to stay three extra days and change his itinerary and meant he would have less days with the people he was traveling next to see ?
Was His plan interrupted ?

What was greater than his itinerary, preference , plans , was not self fulfillment but the meeting of another’s burden when it was in his power to do something about it. Love does not look at personal inconveniences but sees the burden of others and owns it as their own and acts on it in helping to meet needs and this he did and “the law of Christ was fulfilled !” Someone elses burden is your opportunity to love and in doing so testify you are His to those who observe.

There are opportunities for you to love others … Love Him.,. By choosing to get under and help those burdened… As simple as meeting a need , changing plans .. Because love ” sees” and acts for the benefit of others and in this passage those who are ” burdened”

Be a burden lifter today. It happens… by… choice…

Love is FOCUSSED on others “… Ourselves your servants for Jesus sake “-{2 Cor 4:5}