Such is the commentary on what it means to be a true friend. One who loves no matter what happens. One whose loves is a constant! Loyalty. In the “good’ times, “bad” times- this friend is committed. “Loves at ALL times.” A real friend does not forget or forsake you.  Some “love” others as long as it is convenient. Some “love” in times of other’s prosperity. Some “love” others in times of personal gain from them. They view that others exist for them, to be used by for selfish gain. Such “loves” are but self-centered and not others orientated, for God’s glory! These are not true “friends,” for they lack – love! True love focus’s on the welfare and needs of others,- {Phil 2:3-5 }, motivated by His love -{ 1 John 3:16-18}… and doing  for God’s glory- ” …whatever you do, do for the Glory of God” – {1 Cor 10;31 }

A Friend Is Always Loyal. –  

“AND A BROTHER IS BORN FOR A TIME OF ADVERSITY.”-  During a low point in David’s life, he found such a friend in Jonathan; Hushai the Archite; Ittai the Gittite, stood by him during difficult times, low times. They truly loved him, and his difficulties did not turn them to walk away but to remain close. For love does not abandon the one in their hour of need. A man once told me who hit on hard times financially, that they had lost many “friends.” As their finances diminished so did their “friends.” Alas, they were never “friends” in the first place! In the book of Proverbs we read, “Wealth makes many friends, but the poor is separated from his friend” (Pr 19:4).

** There Is Nothing Like “Adversity” To Sort Out True “Friends.”

Adversity comes in many ways, loss of loved ones, bankruptcy, illness, betrayals, suffering for allegiance to Christ. In such difficult times the departure of “friends” are revealed. The blast of “adversity” like a winter frost scatters the coldest of heart’s, the “hanger on’s,” the one’s who no longer sense their need for you. When you are no longer of use to them, they see no use for you- and so they are on to the next person to seek to use for their own benefit. “BUT…” There is one though, who with affection cares, serves the one who is going through adversity. ” a brother who is born for a time of adversity,” It is as though the purpose of their life is to come alongside a suffering one with comfort, tenderness, affection.”Born for a time of adversity.” Like a cool soothing, refreshing drink in a desert is such a one. While others move away this one moves towards the one in adversity! What a gift! Someone has said, “adversity reveals true friendship.”

* It is often in the difficult times, seasons, that adversity brings, which illuminates one’s true friends, from those who are not. 

What kind of a friend are you, am I?  Fair-weathered or Faithful?  What Kind of friend would God have you and me  to be from Proverbs 17:17? We all fail we tend to look inward and forget those who are in trouble, or “in the ditch.”- Like the Good Samaritan, we all can learn to be a friend.  And we see that someone else’s adversity is our opportunity to express love and be compassionate, committed towards them. It was in the height of his suffering,that Job said, “in adversity there should be KINDNESS from his FRIEND.” { Job 6:14}.

Who needs you to be a friend today to?  Show them kindness. Kindness means to spend yourself on another. Love is continually being kind…-

{1 Cor 13;4}.

“Lord, help me be the kind of friend
That makes my friend secure,
So he can find new strength and hope,
His trials to endure. “—D. De Haan


We all make choices- The author of this verse shows the choice’s a true friend makes- to love at all times, and to be as a brother to the one in adversity. We all make choices- To save our lives or to lose our lives and deposit our lives into the lives of others, choice, by choice!  ” A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”-{NIV.} Seek to be a friend who loves at all times. Seek to be the one who is a friend to those who are in a time of adversity. As we choose to Look To Him and glean from His Word we see the focus in relationships is always “others,” Seeking their highest good out of love for Him.  Someone else’s adversity is your opportunity to be a friend! – { {Phil 2:3-5; John 14:21; 1 Cor 10:31}

Memorize and Apply Proverbs 17:17

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”{Prov 17:17}.