“The LORD IS With you.” – {Joshua 1:9}

“Be strong and courageous DO NOT fear{terrified} or be discouraged{ lose heart}”. Before the conflict Joshua is told what to do, what not to do, and WHY and WHAT TO KNOW.- IN THE WILL OF GOD- Conflict is to be expected. He is told before hand, the two attacks upon his mind, to seek to influence his emotions and will, are “fear, discouragement.” He is told what to do. He has the power to, “Be strong and courageous.” and the motivation? “The LORD your God IS With you wherever you go.’ His ASSURANCE of His presence. It is not  an issue of “feeling” His presence but assured based on His character, His Word, His history, He keeps His Word. “The just shall live by faith… faith comes by hearing the Word of God….-” THINK on who “The LORD” is? By faith choose to do the next thing before you. Be strong, because the LORD IS with you. Be courageous because the LORD .. IS.. with you. DO NOT Yield to fear… because THE LORD …IS.. with you. Do Not yield to discouragement because the LORD..IS with you… Wherever you go. He… IS PRESENT! Walk on by faith in  Him who is your Faithful God….”the LORD …IS… with YOU… wherever you go.’ Never a time HE IS not with you! Not a matter of feelings but HIS faithfulness. Rest in His Love, His promises and think on Him.

 How kind of the LORD… PREVIOUS LORD…Before Joshua encountered the “unknown” God make KNOWN to Him His Promises, Power, Presence for Him

 * The LORD’S Promise – for you this moment

 * The LORD’S Power- for you this moment

* The LORD’S Presence -with you this moment

Your “Unknown” future to you is KNOWN by Him and He makes KNOWN  to you  presently what He wants you to know, what ways the attacks come, how to respond and WHOM to know in the conflict. Focus on HIM, Use His Word as fuel for your faith in His faithfulness…

He Loves you… you are not on your own! Think on Him, Trust Him, Talk to Him. And Talk  to yourself the Truth.. share the good news of this passage with someone else…