We do not know what our faith is like until Tested.

“Commence immediately REJOICING when you encounter trials KNOWING -with an understanding mind-that the TESTING -GENUINENESS , Proving- of your FAITH produces endurance and LET- which speaks of a submissive will- endurance have its perfect work so you may be mature…if anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives….”- {James 1:2-5.}

When I was about 12 years old, my parents had saved to purchase me a two man tent. I loved it! I camped out in our back yard and I thought it was brilliant. It was rain proof, and I had no reasons to doubt it in those lovely summer evenings when I slept in the tent out under the stars. Even the darkness of night did not cause me to think otherwise- it was rain proof. But the test of the claim of being “rain proof” did not come until it- rained- and then it was exposed – the claim was not accurate… for the rain began to seep in at different places in the roof of the tent….it had leaks coming in and it was not rain proof! The test revealed the truth and exposes the false claim! “Rain -Proof” was only put to the test by rain that came and hit the tent and instead of the rain proof tent absorbing it like it was advertised, it was exposed as a false claim! The rain came through the roof of the tent! It is not in the profession of our faith but in the response to the testing that proves the genuineness of it.

GENUINE FAITH REVEALED. A faith that is real- dependent upon Christ and derived from Him when tested reveals the Genuineness of saving faith by its responses. Trials- our responses EXPOSE the Genuineness or lack of saving faith, to be sure it is a process but the pattern reveal the condition, false claim or genuine saving faith. What comes out is what is from within. “Shake,” a Genuine Christian, knock them over and although their response is not always perfect there is an increasing change taking place where the responses are different… more and more Christ-like… More finding and exercising of rejoicing in the LORD who is LORD of their circumstances, Knowing they are not ignorant of why this is happening, they know, understand that God is at work to produce perseverance and spiritual maturity- Christ- like character in their thinking, doing actions and reactions, because they have an understanding mind, and they submit their will and choose to rejoice because of what they know based on this passage in James and by faith the genuineness of their faith comes through.


…And that evidence is obedience to FOUR commands for every trial

1. – REJOICE – Delight, glad, rejoicing in the LORD

2. – KNOWING,– has to do with an understanding mind

3. – LET – has to do with a submissive will to God and His ways which reveals the genuineness of what true faith in Christ is.

4. – ASK- for wisdom. In your trial what you need most is Godly wisdom. God commands you to ASK Him, for wisdom. THESE 4 COMMANDS NEVER CHANGE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR TRIAL IS! We chose to obey His 4 commands in our PRESENT trials as expressions of love to Him and in persevering we receive the crown of life He gives to those who ” love Him…” -who prove it through obedience. Whether your trial is big, overwhelming, small, the 4 commands from God in how to handle them never change. He has no other way. God gives us an open book test and He has the page open to the 4 commands as the answer. Yet, in ignorance or self reliance we say, “No, I will handle it my way…” and then when we fail, we sometimes blame God, withdraw, get upset and wonder why it doesn’t work? Because we didn’t read God’s answers to the questions!!!!  If you did that on a human test in a classroom and failed to use the open book test and FAILED THE TEST, who would be to blame, the teacher? The book? Or the student? If you continued to do so with every other test, who would be to bleame again the teacher? The open book with the answers beside you? Or yourself? Same thing in walking God’s ways. Here are the 4 commands for every trial whch by faith ARE TO BE ACTD UPON. Adopted in your thinking and applied in your actions and in doing so you you grow in wisdom- v 5; you express love to GOD and you understand God’s ways of handling every and aby and all trials that come your way. Some trials may be a result of others, some a result of ourselves or a combination of things but no matter what God has only One way to handle trials that honor Him and help you- His Way. Here are the 4 commands which are His answer for your test. Will you use them or will you continue to ignore them and end up missing out on growing spiritually and expressing love to Him


Trials handled God’s way reveal genuine faith and Are opportunities to “love Him” and receive from Him one day, “A crown of life.”-James 1:12.


Like those in 1 Peter who were going through ‘fiery trials,” who had others ask them to “give an account of the hope that is within you.” They saw that their RESPONSES were different and it begs the question of them. Our responses in our trials can be used by God to cause others to ask ‘what is your hope” Trials can be used of God as an evangelistic opportunity. Have you ever seen your trials as such. Instead of complaining as others might and often do when pressures come, you are choosing by faith refrain from complaining against God because of your circumstances but instead, to delight in, be glad in, rejoice in the LORD, Who he is and what He says!

THE PROOF IS IN THE “RAIN.” – The so called “rain proof” tent was proven false only when it was subjected to rain. Genuine faith is proven true by the Godly response to His 4 commands for every trial.

SPILL A CAN OF COKE AND WHAT COMES OUT? Imagine with me you have placed an open can of coke on a table and someone comes along and accidentally knocks it over, what do you expect would pour out and spill over? Coke, right? What is in the can comes out. Imagine someone changes the label on the can and comes and knocks it over again, what do you expect to come out? What comes out? Coke! What is written on the can is not the issue it is what is contained in the can which comes out and spills over. Trials are universal. Trials are unavoidable. Trials, everyone responds to them. What comes out is what is in the heart of the individual! For the follower of Christ increasingly as they are growing in their faith their responses, though not always perfect are more and more evidenced by what comes out- their response- to the trials- They are rejoicing in the Lord Jesus who He is, What He says, What He has done, What He is doing, What He will do. What He promises! They know- understand God is not out to destroy them but develop and display himself to them and through them. They “Let” the word speaks of a submissive will- they submit to obeying Him by rejoicing, because of what they know and submit to following  His guideline on how to respond to trials in a God honoring way, motivated by love for Him! Under pressure, Christlikeness is being developed and Displayed increasingly, not perfectly but increasingly! What is in the heart comes out!


1. – GODLY RESPONSE TO TRIALS are an opportunity to reveal your faith is Genuine -James 1:2-4

2. – GODLY RESPONSE TO TRIALS are an opportunity to Witness to Jesus Christ- 1 Peter 3:16

3. – GODLY RESPONSE TO TRIALS are an opportunity to Express Love to Jesus Christ- James 1:12

4. – GODLY RESPONSE TO TRIALS will produce Spiritual perseverance and maturity in you,- James 1:2-4

5. – GODLY RESPONSES TO TRIALS- will make you WISE.- James 1:5

6. – GODLY RESPONSE TO TRIALS will be Rewarded- by Jesus Christ giving the “crown of life to those who love Him.”- 1:12

PREPARE TO HELP OTHERS IN THEIR TRIALS; LOOK AGAIN at the above SIX, maybe write them down on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you so you can remind yourself but MORE IMPORTANTLY so you can share GOD’S perspective on trials with someone else and encourage them with His Word- live to serve Him, live to serve and equip, encourage others! Every one responds to trials, But not everyone responds Godly! Choose to respond Godly not based on feelings, opinions of others but God’s way based on God, Word! It’s too easy to speak and not allow God to speak on the issue from His Word! Trials are a gigantic opportunity for good and God’s honor when we respond to them in a Godly way!