No IV treatments today. So swollen, a lot of inflammation, A lot of pain, home-nurse spent two hours trying to find a vein. .., said I am Badly dehydrated. Though she knows the  large amount of fluids I put in … She is contacting Dr ….said I am sicker than I think. She listed some symptom concerns. She asked “How Do You Feel?” I told her I felt fine until she told me how sick I was  😂- laughter is good medicine  🙂 I’m worn out, but encouraged in His Word- 1 Peter 4:19- feeding on some of His principles…Hope these thoughts encourage you and equip you in helping others as you share with them…from 1 Peter 4:19


“according to THE WILL OF GOD ” God is Sovereign King …”Suffering,” grammatically it speaks of a lifestyle, not a one time event.{Read 2 Tim 3;12. Phil 1:29. 1 Pet 4:12;}. How should they “suffer?” He shares with them how…


“Entrust,” the word spoke of “Depositing” it is A Banking term. It spoke of “depositing” a valuable asset to safe Keeping to one who is trustworthy. It is a present imperative which calls for this attitude of entrusting, as a lifestyle…-

” Paratithemi means to entrust or commit for safekeeping with the implication that one was committing to another with confidence. It can convey the idea of investing or charging someone with a duty or responsibility. It can convey the idea of putting something into the care or protection of someone. This is very similar to use of paratithemi in classical Greek to describe anything being deposited with a friend for the purpose of safekeeping.” – {preceptaustin}

Entrust yourselves to their Faithful Creator.” satan is seeking to “devour” us and our FAITH in God while God is seeking to develop and display our Dependence  of FAITH in Him! One seeks to DESTROY the OTHER To DEVELOP Faith! –{Read 1 Peter 1:7, James 1:2}. And “suffering” can be used of the evil one to tempt us to doubt God’s care!

“satan traffics in the realm of DOUBT, God in the realm of FAITH!”{preceptaustin.}

We must CHOOSE to continue “ENTRUSTING,” depositing our souls into the faithful, reliable Care and character of Creator God. -{Read 1 Peter 5:7; 1 Peter 4:19}. It is in testing we see and prove the faithfulness of God!

Spurgeon wrote, “We must be tried or we cannot magnify the faithful God, who will not leave His people.”

“Paul used the noun when he told Timothy, “I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day” (2 Tim. 1:12).

It was the word Jesus uttered from the cross when He expired: “Father, into Your hands I commit [entrust] My spirit” (Luke 23:46).

This is the only time in the New Testament God is called the Creator. If God created the universe by the word of His power, He is able to guard your deposit with Him and bring you safely to His heavenly kingdom. That He is the faithful Creator shows that He  has the Power and cares enough to guard your soul{ Read 1 Peter 1:5}  So you can trust Him with your very life, even if evil men take it away from you, and know that He won’t lose it.

You demonstrate your trust by continuing to do what is right when you suffer.

You don’t plot revenge on those who wrong you. You pray that God will save them and know that if He doesn’t, He will judge them and exonerate you.”- {Steven Cole}

* GOOD NEWS FOR YOU- THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN EXCEPTION TO GOD’S GREAT FAITHFULNESS! And He will not begin with you! He is who He is, FAITHFUL! – {Read Lam 3:21-24}


What does he say to do in the midst of suffering? “Continue to do good/ Right.” The word is a noun and means “well-doing, in context living in the right way or doing as a helpful action. BDAG = “engagement in doing what is good,”-{preceptaustin} . Go on the attack and keep doing good for others!! Commissioned by God to “continue doing good!” even in the midst of “suffering according to God’s will!” It gives us purpose in our Pain- “Keep Doing Good!” Do the right thing, Don’t Deviate! Why? Because This Is the Will of HIM who loves you! 

 STUDY; Look again at the Scriptural References and take time to open your Bible . pray and read them, to help you see God’s perspective to help renew your mind so you may prove what is the Good, acceptable. perfect will of God.-{Read Rom 12:2-3} and to be able to allow the Word of Christ richly dwell in you so with all wisdom you may advise, counsel. guide others to encourage, comfort and help them in their suffering-{Read Col 3:16; 2 Cor 1:4}!

S.E.C Three Letters to help remember in times of difficulty from 1 Peter 4:19 for yourself and also to Pray and SHARE with others –

S.E.C.= “Suffering,- Entrusting – Commissioned!” Share with someone else to offer them hope amidst their pain!

Hope you have a great day!