Got through another IV yesterday- three home care treatments this week. They help keep me hydrated… and have helped with the pain from the muscle disease.

ANOTHER Dr to visit Wed and that is supposed to lead to a test at hospital to see if a new disease has attached onto muscle disease… some people collect baseball cards I seem to be collecting diseases, “BUT God…” 

It’s now close to five years of this latest bout with the painful, debilitating muscle disease flaring up… nearly four plus spent in or near my bed 23 hours a day… so I am very very thankful to the LORD for the break… but in it he has opened many opportunities with medical people, patients in various places to share of Him…. wherever He places us HE HAS PROMISED SUFFICIENT GRACE TO ENABLE US… and His goal is not only to conform us to His image but to Spread His gospel in the circumstances we find our self in.

Be ALIVE in the circumstances you are in. Alive to Him Alive to those around you. ALIVE to His opportunities..

I had TWO Back to back MRI’S recently and shared with the technician who did the tests who was a believer how they could pray behind their glass for the person in the MRI…I shared with wonderful lady who pushed me in wheel chair, to and from the test how she could do likewise. At another hospital a young lady who was behind he desk as I was checking out turned out to be a believer, punching the air when I mentioned the LORD and said “I Love Jesus” it ended up me sharing some testimony with her and a little Bible study sharing some verses, and also sharing with her how she could quietly pray as she sat there for patients and staff… that she was “under cover” for the LORD. Sometimes we forget we are on a mission, His missions where we are at. Sometimes we lose sight of Him in our circumstances and when we do we usually become more self conscious that …other conscious. Paul said he had been”appointed” him for the Gospel.{Phil 1;16}. The word means “set.” It was a military word used for soldiers who were strategically placed…to be “Strategically placed as a soldier for a specific assignment…”

There are no dead end jobs when you are His, only opportunities to know Him better and make Him known… you are on DIVINE Assignment! Look around you… who is in your circumstances? They are your opportunities to pray… evangelize… encourage… for such a time as this God has APPOINTED…YOU! How often as a young believer fresh in the faith desiring to serve Him and then life does not turn out the way you wanted or wished for…and you settle down in what appears to be the “mundane.” But what you perceive as “mundane” is His opportunity for you to know Him and to further His Gospel. If there are people in your circumstances then you have opportunities! If there is no one then you can pray. Think of Epaphras in Colossians 4:12, who is known in Heaven and it is recorded in His Word for all eternity that he “labored in His prayers…” His obituary as it is to us is, he prayed, and God thought so highly of it, He placed him in His Word for generations and generations to know of him and what he done! You can pray. You have access to God through the LORD Jesus.

You are on Divine Assignment. Be Alive to Him in your circumstances, be ALIVE to those in your circumstances. Be ALIVE to those who come to mind so as to pray for them. Live life for Him in the circumstances you presently find yourself in!

“Brothers and sisters I want you to know, My circumstances have worked out to advance the Gospel” -{Phil 1:12}