The word “Taste” as used here means “to try the FLAVOR of anything” like taking a bite of something to FIND OUT FOR CERTAIN What it is like! The idea here is “testing by experience.” How do you know what something tastes like, what the flavor is unless you …taste it and then know by experience!

How did you know what a strawberry or chocolate shake tasted like? By tasting and experiencing it for yourself. Not based on the word of another but you choosing to taste it and discovering the flavor for yourself!

Imagine biting into a cake and upon tasting, then when asked would say “It’s good!” You would know that how? From experience.

So too, as you  as the LORD reveals Himself to you and you come to Know the LORD more and more,TRUSTING HIM, Obeying His Word, reading, meditating upon His Word and applying His promises, you too will find from experience as the Psalmist says that, “The LORD is “GOOD!”

So go ahead, “Taste and see that the LORD is GOOD!” You will enjoy the FLAVOR of His character and it is “GOOD!” And as David calls others to do likewise , so too call others to TRUST the LORD!