“Praise The LORD,” is the Hebrew word “Hallelujah,” made up of two Hebrew words, “Halal,” which is a verb and the noun “Jah” {Yah} an abbreviation for “Yahwah”- The Self Existing One.”I Am that I Am “-{Read Exodus 3:14}. “Hallelujuh” means “Praise the LORD” The more technical term is “LET US Praise “Yah” shortened for “Yahwah.”

“Halall”… ” This root connotes being sincerely and deeply thankful for and/or satisfied in lauding a superior quality(ies) or great, great act(s) of the object… This root can be used of exalting human beauty (Ge 12:152Sa 14:25) or human understanding (Pr 12:8)… (Halal) usually refers to praising deity, even false deities (Jdg 16:24). The most frequent use of our root relates to praising the God of Israel. Nearly a third of such passages occur in the Psalms. The largest number of these are imperative summons to praise… (Praise) is to be offered in an attitude of delight and rejoicing. Belief and joy are inextricably intertwined. Secondly, it is significant that most of these occurrences are plural (except Ps 146:1Ps 147:12, collective). This shows us, as does the use of the psalms in the worship that praise of Jehovah was especially, though by no means uniquely (Ps 146:1), congregational. This praise could involve choirs and musical instruments, too. (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament- R Laird Harris, Gleason L Archer Jr., Bruce K. Waltke)

“Halal” means “to BOAST, show appreciation, thankfulness for the Greatness of His character and works. A Command, a verb, to do continually… as you look in your Bible look specifically and expectantly for reasons to PRAISE, BOAST, Express GREAT APPRECIATION for His Character and Works…


1.Can you think of three truths about His Character that you can begin the sentence with,

“LORD I PRAISE You for Your____”

Here are three reasons that I thought of,




What three truths can you Praise Him for beginning with “LORD, I PRAISE You for_______”

2. Can you think of three truths to Praise Him for His Mighty Works?

Here are three reasons I thought of ,”LORD I PRAISE You, for… Your Great Work of…

  1. Creation
  2. Cross of Christ
  3. Coming of Christ

What three Great Works from Scripture can you think of

“LORD, I PRAISE YOU For _______”

3. Can you Praise Him for three ways He has revealed Himself to you in…

for example His faithfulness, goodness, mercy… and in His Works… salvation etc?

If you have done the above assignment you have just praised Him 9 times! And since it is a command and a verb to continually do so, just like beginning to pedal a bike… keep peddling and praising Him as you go! . Ask Him to help remind you to look to Him for reasons to praise HIM throughout the day or night if you have trouble sleeping, turn your life into a “praise factory” continually looking to and Praising the LORD with your attitude. It doesn’t mean you are constantly saying the words “praise the LORD,” but with your attitude and motivations you live to show your gratitude, and celebrate Him for who He is and how great His works are.Boasting in Him, His works, sharing of Him and showing appreciation for Him and to Him, you are praising Him! And since is His desire and command He will empower you to. “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.”-{Phil 2:13}. And yes, your boast is Him, His character, His works!  “But those who wish to boast should boast in this alone: that they truly know Me and understand that I am the LORD who demonstrates unfailing love and who brings justice and righteousness to the earth, and that I delight in these things. I, the LORD, have spoken!”-{Jeremiah 9:24 nlt}. Ask Him to teach you and remind you, for we are prone to forget.

When you read your Bible or think on a verse look for reasons to PRAISE Him from it. “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things from Your law”-{Psalm 119:18}. Perhaps even with a notebook this week, as you read, write down what the verse reveals about the LORD or His Works and write them down. And when you finish reading, Pray and offer Praise to Him for each aspect, Take a week of the next month and as you read continue to write down His attributes, those things that are true of Him and by the end of the week or month, you have  fuel for praise, Primers to Praise Him for, that you can incorporate into your prayer time, but also to meditate upon throughout the day and interject praises to Him as you live out your day. Become a Praise factory,  producing praise to Him, because you have reason to :).

I love what one of my daughter in love’s texted me when I had sent her a text regarding Psalm 150:6, which reads “Let everything that has BREATH Praise the LORD,” with the accompanying thought,”The one thing necessary to praising the LORD is BREATH!” Her response back was,”Amen and we give Him thanks for breath in the first place!”  Simple but profound! Praise Him for your breath. Most of us may not think og that,a s breathing we say comes so “naturally,” but in reality is comes “supernaturally,” a gift from God! Think of the person who  has asthma or breathing problems, who have difficulty breathing, fighting for their every breath at times, they can often appreciate the ability to have good breathing than those who have no problems. We often overlook things and reasons  to practically PRAISE HIM, don’t we. Let’s ask Him to help change our thinking and focus to be aware of Who HE IS and  reasons to Praise Him… beginning with “I Praise You LORD for the ability to breathe… for all the past breathes you have gifted me and help me with my remaining breaths use to Boast in You, Praise You, show great appreciation for and to You, because of who You are, because you are Great and greatly to be praised by me!

“Let EVERYTHING that has BREATH PRAISE the LORD.”- {Psalm 150:6} If You are breathing that is reason to praise Him who has given and maintains your breath…. so, as long as we are breathing let us by His grace and with His help seek to cultivate a new God honoring habit of praising HIM and focusing on His Word to derive reasons to and in some cases we may have to… exchange our complaining for Proclaiming God’s greatness… just a thought!

Praising the LORD, Is Not To Be An AFTERTHOUGHT But At The FOREFRONT in our thinking about the LORD!