One of the things with chronic Debilitating illness is, you can’t plan,as you never know how you will be, “good,” or laid low. I had planned what I was going to do, where to go and get some gifts yesterday, BUT…. bad , bad day of weakness, bedridden…. followed by a bad night… but this morning, a bit better,,, got in the vehicle drove to the store early and found them… walking around… with a glaze in their eyes some of them, clutching things, searching….not uttering a word, moving slowly if at all… they were everywhere…..”men in panic!!”…The Zombies were let loose!!!:) All trying to get the last minute “perfect” gift and not having a clue, I was not alone!
One man even offered me a card, that he didnt want! Not good enough for his wife, he without knowing mine, knew it might be good enough for her:) Aaah the solidarity of “men in panic!” I passed some of them several times, pacing up and down ….glazed looking, clutching on to flowers, boxes of chocolates, balloons… but looking like little boys lost, except they were MEN! I did settle on a card… and then went back and found a “better” one and then realized I had two cards at check out. I went to the service counter and three women looked at me, and I explained I only had one wife and two cards, and needed to exchange one for the other. I remarked on the stare of my fellow zombies, and one lady said, about leaving it late and their, “better be money in that card!!” We had a good laugh, except she wasn’t smiling!! One wished me a “happy valentines day,” and with that… I got to share with them of the Greatest Valentines day of all -The Cross of Christ,-“The Son of God loved me and gave Himself for me”… one lady beamed and the other didnt look too sure…. while I wandered off again searching … one young lady,asked if I needed help{ she recognized the glaze of the zombies valentine men, was probably hired just to deal with such. Spent 4 years in college to get her degree, no doubt for such occasions as this,..”national service”}… I asked her if she knew of the Greatest Valentine of all? She said no … and I shared with of the “Son of God who loved her and gave Himself for her!” …

After several more trips, remembering more things to get and finally getting out of there beaming, having had a laugh and sharing the Good News…, I met a “stranger” walking in.. it was a WOMAN… who did not work there, she had no idea what she was walking into see!!!

I made it home and noticed on the table neatly in a row, lined up side by side, was beautiful little GIFT BAGS, with hand painted hearts on it and names and then I realized… I didnt have a GIFT BAG! I had walmart bags!! Hmm.. what is a Zombie to do? I looked over in the corner where I saw a box with “Gift bags” surely I was saved! Yes!!! I went and looked and pulled the bags out of the box, and looked again, and again ,and back at the table of neatly lined gift bags with hand painted hearts and names on each bag, and I looked again in the Gift box and could find none like that! NONE! What to do? Be “CREATIVE!” I hear that is what “GENUIS’S do! SO HOPING I WOULD BE mistaken for a “GENUIS,” I pulled out the bags, there were lots of them, but al from the same season, “CHRISTMAS!!!!!” So I put my gifts in the “perfect” bag, as we “Genuis’s” do… and put my “Christmas” Gift bag ” at the end of the table, Surely no one will notice,… will they?

Look at it this way, it’s a two for one special, Valentines’ day gifts and CHRISTMAS Gifts all together, so maybe I am a “GENUIS” and was so, so excited about Christmas I couldn’t wait to show my love, and affection, I wanted to give them my Christmas gifts ahead of time!! Did you ever think that is the reason the Valentines gifts are in a “Christmas Gift Bag?” No?… Hmm, maybe that’s because you are not a Genuis!! But I am sure you are a GENUIS, because that is EXACTLY What you were thinking and would have done too. Always thinking ahead, you are! We “GENUIS’S have to stick together. I am back in the safety of my room, just me and my pain, When the rest of them come home and see the Valentine Gift bags all neatly lined along the table neatly placed there by my wife, with each name on them… and when their eyes train themselves along the line looking for their “Gift,” and their eyes will come to the one at the end, you know, “the GENUIS Gift in the Christmas Gift BAG”… I am sure they too will know , “AAAH Genius!”… the term “black sheep of the family” comes to mind but I like to think “GENIUS!”….

For all you Genius’s out there, “Happy  Valentines Christmas Day”!!!- Now there is a good marketing Idea- GENUIS!!