Loving These verses. Perspective In Pain.
 And not only this, but we also exult in our suffering {tribulations,} knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” – {Rom 5:3-5}

“Not only this” refers back to exulting in future glory of being with Him. PAUL in the midst of affirming the believes eternal security and it is as though he takes us from the heavenlies in verse 1-2 and back down to where we live and the “normality” of “suffering. tribulations which means “something that causes us distress…”, and in it he shares Three character traits He is developing…”perseverance,” the ability to stay under the test, and persist in doing right, “proven character,” the word “proven” was used of steel that was put through intense but controlled fire and watched at all times to Strengthen the steel, harden it. And lastly “Hope” not the hope of a gambler, the hope of “chance” or a wishful thought with no expectation of it happening, but the Hope which as used here speaks of ‘confident expectation” in the certainty of it being fulfilled, and why can we hope and not be put to shame? it says, “BECAUSE” ..”BECAUSE WHAT?…”The LOVE OF God- God’s assurance of His love for you has been poured out lavishly, continuously within your heart to assure you in your suffering of what you need most… that GOD LOVES you and it is affirmed applied by the Spirit of GOD who has been GIFTED to us. God would not gift us the Holy Spirit if He did not love us! So often we can look at troubles, suffering as His displeasure when in fact in them He is exercising love as He matures us and develops
Proven Character- {Christ likeness}

How does it apply to you? Trials, sufferings, tribulations, struggles are part and parcel of life and we don’t like them, who would! But in them we can have the full assurance God is working even these for our good. This past week another painful trial but in it I was able to speak to myself and thank the LORD as I knew He was working to produce the three qualities Paul mentions in this verse and it gave me hope, confidence in Him, rest of faith and heart.

I’m still in the particular test…but I am not alone…and I am not ignorant of God’s ways and for this I give Him thanks…The good news, you are not ALONE…You are not IGNORANT… you know what God is doing. if you re-read Romans 5:3-5 note the word “PRODUCES.” God is producing, bringing forth something. Something good, something Godly…and this helps my tired mind in my trials…to rejoice, glory in Him. The word speaks of exuberance, confidence, meaning“Joyfully confident.”

But how can we be assured this is what is happening? He says “KNOWING” which means “TO BE FULLY AWARE.” This is how we know as He wants us to. What a gift of grace, in the pain, struggle, trial, tribulation, heartache we can know, fully aware of what God is “producing.” It may not remove the pain but it gives insight in the pain that He is working all things including this present thing for good. He brings beauty out of the ashes! He develops His people in the “furnace of affliction.”

 Does your Perspective in your sufferings, tribulations line up with His as revealed here in Romans 5:3-5?

Memorize, Meditate on the verse’s.

Perhaps put in a place you can see on a regular basis  like a bathroom mirror and as you brush your teeth read word for word, phrase for phrase and throughout the day as you have opportunity learn to think on His Word and if you do this for a month you will find you have memorized the verses and be able to encourage yourself in the LORD. Also it is “fuel” for your faith and something the HOLY Spirit can recall to your mind as you need it to reinforce His love for you amidst your pain, difficulties! and also others as you gently, lovingly, compassionately share of  God’s hope for them amidst their struggles and the three characteristics He is developing in them!

The BEST is Yet to Come, and in the meantime we know He is at work and has let us in on what He is doing- To God be the glory!