You may at times “feel” lonely but the reality you are never alone, “…The LORD is near.” {Phil 4:5}. You are never alone, He is always with you. You may not “feel” He is near, or “feel” His presence, but where in the Scriptures are we told to trust how we “feel?” We are called to walk by faith not by sight.{2 Cor 5:7}. Whether we “feel” His presence or not, is not the issue. Truth is! What does He say in His Word? This is what we feed our souls with, speak the truth to ourselves-

  • “The LORD is near!…” me – Phil 4:4
  • “The LORD listens…” to me – Psalm 34:6
  • “The LORD is for… ” me – Romans 8 :31 
  • “The LORD LOVES…” me – Rev 1:5
  • “The LORD cares for …me:- 1 Peter 5:7
  • “The LORD has Chosen…” me- Eph 1:4

Cultivate His truth, it is possible to have “feelings “of being “lonely” in a crowd, but realize you are never, ever alone. He has promised, “I will never leave or forsake you.” {Heb 13;5}.

In the Old Testament- the word “loneliness” speaks of “one alone, only, one who is solitary, forsaken, wretched.”  A friend once told me of living in a large city in Europe, playing as a top athlete and yet the feelings of loneliness amidst such crowds of people. In the midst of a couple of million people he “felt” all alone!

The sense of isolation, not having a friend-a true friend, the idea that comes to our mind that no one cares about us. David knew of it, he cried out in loneliness and despair over his own son, who turned against him and the men of Israel went after him and he fled, lonely and afflicted- and troubles abounding {Psalm 25:16}, yet he teaches the lonely and afflicted a TRUTH to be TRIED which is TRUSTED- HE TURNED TO GOD, for in Him was His only Hope and true companionship – {Psalm 25:21}.This is paramount for those times of “Loneliness” which come to our MINDS and often the lies that often accompany it. God cares for you- {1 Peter 5:7}

 In the New Testament the word is used twice but not of people but of “a desolate place,” {Mark 1:45; Luke 5:16}

Times of such “feelings” can be springboards not to meditate and spiral into ultimate despair, you do have to catch hose thoughts immediately and take them captive and trust Him, ask Him to help you to use them to be as a springboard into reminders to think on Him, talk to Him, listen to His Word. Thank Him. Speak the Truth to yourself- The LORD, the self- existent, Covenant Keeping, unchanging, Provider, Sovereign, God {as each of these attributes is used to express attribute’s of the LORD, in Scripture.} – Jesus is LORD. He is always, permanently Near you. He is always attentively listening to you. The LORD is always for you, and nothing or no one can separate you from His love. For the LORD always, unconditionally loves you. The Gospel of John 15 gives us wonderful realities and truth to meditate upon and embrace,

Rest in Jesus -John 15:4;

Rest in Jesus Word- John 15:7

Rest in Jesus love- John 15:10

No matter who walks out of your life, He never will. He is love, and love is committed. {Heb 13:5}

Jesus Christ is the answer whatever the cause of loneliness.

He “sticks closer than a brother” – Prov 18:24

He “laid down His life for His friends.” John 15;13-15…and you are “In Christ” by God’s doing His Friend!

Don’t waste your sorrows, or loneliness- when such “feelings” come to you, immediately look to reach out to Jesus and look to reach out to serve others. Don’t turn inward and focus on yourself. Turn away to Jesus,-{Heb 12:2.}. Look out to seek to serve others, for JESUS SAKE- {2 Cor 4:5- Phil 2:3-5.}

“Feelings of loneliness” are not new, but to continue to think on them will only lead to despair, withdrawal, isolation, self -pity and living as though the LORD is not Near. Think on Him, live in light He is Near.

A pastor once went to visit an elderly woman and read to her, “I will be with you always.{Matt 28:19-20} “What a wonderful promise,” said the pastor. She smiled and replied “It’s a reality!” He had become to her the reality, fulfillment of His promise. Himself her companion, confidante, comfort.

Cultivate His nearness, engage with Him…now! “Feelings change,” Truth is unchanging! Embrace the reality…”THE LORD IS NEAR!”