“Surely, I would have despaired UNLESS I had Believed that I would See the Goodness of the LORD in the land of the living“- Psalm 27:13

FACT 1- The Psalmist knew this Fact; Left looking to himself would lead to despair! The word “despaired” means “to lose heart,” or “to faint,” the Psalmist knew the facts, namely in and of himself he would “faint,” tumble down into “despair” completely “lose heart,” he knew this was inevitable…

FACT 2-  The Psalmist had a glorious “But God…” for there was a glorious sighting of God in his troubles, namely in the word “unless,” which is the hinge that turns the door of focus from self that ultimately leads to despair to the LORD-and His goodness!

If we had only read the first four words in this verse we too would be left in despair, spiraling down, spiritually, emotionally losing heart, courage for the moment. If we had stopped reading here we too would be left in our circumstances without hope…but there is hope…in this verse…indeed there is GOD’S ALTERNATIVE… the word is seen in the word “UNLESS”…this was the hinge that turned the door from potential despair into one of HOPE….GLORIOUS GOD GIVEN HOPE…as seen in these words, ” Unless I had believed I would SEE the Goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

FACT 2 is the HOPE of experiencing God’s Goodness and he would see it, he would experience the favor and goodness of God in this present life, and considering the difficult circumstances he was in what a statement of FAITH in the LORD…

NOTE – the phrase, “I believed to see…”  Faith dares to believe without seeing. For its faith is in a Person- the LORD!  Hebrews 11 is full of men and women who lived by faith in the faithfulness of God! Jesus came near the tomb of Lazarus and asked for the stone to be removed and Martha told him her brother had been dead for four days and there would be a stench., “Did I not say to you, that if you BELIEVE you WILL SEE the glory of God.”- John 11:40. Martha looked at the circumstances and not to the Lord or trusting in what He had promised, for in her own mind it was too late. The situation was beyond repair. Her brother was dead, and not just dead but four days dead… and yet Jesus reminded her of what HE HAD SAID…. And that faith in Him is what He called her to and what He calls us to! In John 20:25, The disciples were saying they had seen the resurrected Lord Jesus and Thomas said, “UNLESS I SEE in His hands the imprint of the nails and put finger into the place of the nails and put my hand into His side I will not Believe.”-John 20:25. Note the order of Thomas, – SIGHT FIRST THEN BELIEVE…JESUS said to him, “Because you have SEEN Me have you BELIEVED. BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO DID NOT SEE AND YET BELIEVED.”- John 20:29. The Lord’s order is always faith in Him, not faith in self!

“UNLESS” – Thomas and David both have an “UNLESS” in their lives. One turns to faith in The LORD. “Believe to See.” The other turns inward and away from faith in the Lord to “PERVERTED FAITH”- FOR THAT WHAT FAITH IN SELF IS and is characterized, manifested in wanting to  “See to Believe.” Where is the “UNLESS” in your present circumstances? David and Jesus teaches us as does Paul, “Belief…in Him is independent of sight. We don’t have to “see” to believe Him!  The lost person, or those of us who choose to doubt Him want to “SEE” before we “Believe” In God’s economy “believe comes first!

 Looking and left to yourself leads to despair. Led and left with God leads to Hope!

Faith is not dependent on “sight…” For faith sees Him who is invisible through the lens of Scripture and the Work of the Holy Spirit assuring us the promises of God is true. God is faithful! God is good! Faith is not dependent on “feelings” but faith is anchored in the Person of the LORD and His promises. His character.

David was not naive but neither was he dwelling on the circumstances but he was choosing to THINK on the LORD and His character in his circumstances. The word “LORD”- is used in various ways in the Old Testament to speak of Him as the SELF Existent One,{Ex 3:13-15} the Covenant Keeping One,{ Deut 7:9} the Unchanging One, {Mal 3:6 } The Providing One,{Gen 22:14} The Sovereign One,{Ish 45} who is GOD, {Gen 2:4}. LOOK AGAIN at these verses…go read them and see the HOPE that DAVID had and his FAITH was anchored in the LORD and this was what kept him from losing heart, leading to despair and emotionally and spiritually fainting!

FACT 3- We choose to embrace Fact 1 or Fact 2!!!…. FACT 1 offers, “Despair…To Lose heart…to spiritually faint”- yep, sign me up for that one that sounds…like what? Who in their right mind would want that emotional turmoil!…yet that is often the choice we make, because we choose to trust ourselves rather than Him. We look to ourselves and not Him. His character. His promises, and we have no hope only despair!  FACT 2. OFFERS….HOPE…CONFIDENT ASSURANCE IN THE PERSON AND PROMISES OF THE LORD. RELIANCE UPON THE FAITHFULNESS OF THE LORD. He has reason for confidence and trust to rest in the LORD.

Life at times is not easy, nor are the battles, there are troubles in this life but in the troubles TRUTH Triumphs despair and HOPE ABOUNDS and FAITH is anchored in the PERSON- THE LORD- GOD- Reigns!

Difficulties come, that’s life…. responses are inevitableBUT GODLY RESPONSES ARE A CHOICE….may we speak to ourselves TRUTH concerning the LORD, HIS GOODNESS, when we find our hearts would want to sink into despair, when we find we are beginning to lose heart, or to spiritually faint… but we must EMBRACE TRUTH…. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LORD…HOPE in HIM… FAITH in Him, He is the LORD GOD.

God has made an ALTERNATIVE for you other than TO DESPAIR….which begins with embracing a LIE and Looking to yourself and to leaning to yourself as if there is NO GOD…. There is a  BLESSED UNLESS  for you…IT IS HIMSELF

Allowing a lie, a doubt about God will lead us to one place…despair

  • Left and looking to self leads ultimately to despair
  • Led and left looking to the LORD leads to Hope in HIM!

You are loved. As He has been faithful to the Psalmist He will be to you AGAIN!



  1. MEMORIZE PSALM 27:13.. Place it on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you  and when you have time look at it and MEDIATE upon it. MEDIATE UPON God’s ALTERNATIVE TO DESPAIR.
  3. .pray it speak it to your own heart in times of temptation to lose heart! CHOOSE TO MEDITATE UPON THE TRUTH about the LORD
  4. RECALL HIS PAST GOODNESS TO YOU- Ask Him to bring to mind where, when and How He displayed His goodness.