There is HOPE for you!

Paul spoke of three virtues that are developed through “suffering,” namely, “Perseverance, Proven Character, Hope!” {Romans 5:3-4} So, not even “suffering” can hinder God from working ALL things together for good” for His own! -{Read Rom 8:28-29}

Note, he says “…we EXULT,” the word speaks of “boasting, joyfully confident,” BECAUSE of what he KNOWS {fully aware} of what GOD Produces as a result of them. He “EXULTS” because he “KNOWS” what God is doing and what the end product will be produced as a result of these “suffering, tribulations!” He has and offers “Hope” which is the “certainty” that God will do what He promises and the Love of God is the foundation for such confidence! -{Read Romans 5:5}

It does not mean it is easy… But these verses do mean we are NOT IGNORANT but INFORMED that God is at work TRANSFORMING us!

GOD is using your suffering, tribulations, FOR YOU not AGAINST YOU!

Indeed God will use the truths of Romans 5;3-5 to “comfort” not only you but equip you to “Comfort” others -{Read 2 Cor 1:3-4}

Here is one difficulty we face...when troubles, and sufferings, come our way. We can affirm these verses when things are “good, easy, favorable, pleasant” in our lives. But when things are not “good, easy, but difficult, unfavorable, unpleasant, hard, tearfully so at times, heart-wrenchingly so,” we lose PERSPECTIVE, Focus, instead we live by what we “SEE” and “FEEL,” rather than what He SAYS and we KNOW from His WORD! We take our eyes off Him and Reject His Word… We stop Living by FAITH, Reliance upon Him, and taking Him at His WORD! We are faced with a “CRISIS OF FAITH.” And at that moment we have to choose who and what we will place our Trust in! Do we have or will we have Difficulties? Yes, Sufferings? Yes, tribulations? Yes” but as Paul says “I know WHOM I have believed in…” {Read 2 Tim 1:12}.

At this point of temptation, to lean to our own understanding and abandon His Word, we need to REMEMBER Romans 5:3-5 and speak the truth to ourselves and gently, graciously, compassionately remind others of the HOPE for them in their troubles, that God has not abandoned them but He is WORKING even in their troubles and is PRODUCING these three beautiful virtues, even in old age, “Perseverance, Proven Character, Hope,” as we trust HIM IN our troubles, suffering and WITH our troubles, sufferings! And because of WHOM we know and WHAT we Know, we can “EXULT”– joyfully confident, Boasting because of what we Know God is and will do. It may be through tears of pain but we have not been left alone in our troubles and they do not have the final word, GOD DOES!


If you are presently going through a tough time, what Truth, Certainty, or Hope can you offer yourself or perhaps someone else who is going through a difficult time, from these verses in Romans 5:3-5 to comfort and assure yourself or them?

These are good verses to Meditate upon, Memorize, and MARK IN YOUR BIBLE TO BE ABLE to Offer “HOPE” to remind not only yourself but offer “HOPE” to others in their suffering and tribulations! Do it for OTHERS to Offer them God’s Hope In their Pain!

“But we also EXULT in our suffering {tribulations,} knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us”- {Rom 5:3-5} –🙂