“Forgetting what lies behind”- Phil 3:13-14

The word “forgetting” speaks of “willfully neglect…” it means “to cease to be affected by.” Too often many are affected by past failures, sins- God has taken care of your past so you need no longer be affected by it, or taken up with it- but rather, you are free to be taken up with Him. No longer allow your past to influence you presently. God has taken care of your past sin so that you need not be taken up with them but take up with- HIM! Paul has in this passage, that of a runner, who has a goal, and uses all his energy, concentration in reaching it. For a runner to constantly be looking over their shoulder would cause them to slow down, zig-zagging all over the place, and indeed fail to see where they are heading to! The context he is using is that of a runner!

“Forgetting” is a command! In order to press on to know Him- you have to obey the command to no longer be “influenced” by your past sin, failures, success, forget it… not that you never remember but you REFUSE to be Influenced by it. You willfully neglect by CHOOSING not to give your time, energy thoughts to it but rather to going forward pressing on to grow spiritually and know Jesus! Capture the thought that would seek to snare you and REPLACE it with the truth that sets you free. Truth about God, truth about who you are “In Christ.”

In order to press on to Know Him, you have to refuse to be influenced, affected by your past failures, sins, success’s. Too often the past is like an anchor you choose to allow, and seek to drag around. You can’t run a race looking behind you! “Forgetting what lies behind….” Press on to Know Jesus better!