Today I Thanked God.
For being able to wake up, get out of bed open the blinds, make my bed, walk down stairs and after sitting a while, be able to get up and walk around the house for 8 minutes from room to room to try get some exercise – without my walking stick. For years this disease has debilitated me at times, bedridden, so to be able to do these things were exhilarating, wonderful, thankful, grateful to God! And that was a lovely surprise and exhilarating thought! And as I Walked, to try and recall and recite Bible verses to try help my mind stay on Him. And later to plop down in my chair, tired, but Thankful…and Thank Him… for the ability to walk! It may seem like “a little thing “but, in my world {of chronic and at times debilitating, deteriorating disease} it is huge! And I am… thankful… for His reminder to me for reason to be thankful for HIS enabling me with the ability to walk today! It is in “the little things” we can be reminded to be Thankful! Not to take Him for granted but to acknowledge His blessings “in the little things” perhaps to others but to you they are big things! Look for reasons to be thankful and you will find they are closer than you thought:) What are some of “the little things” you can give Him thanks for.
Let Him hear you pause and thank Him, for in thanksgiving I have learned from His Word – is Doing His will-{1Thess 5:18},…and…Glorifies Him -{Read Luke 17:15-18}.
The “little things” are opportunities for you and me to pause, acknowledge, be reminded, commune with Him and… Thank Him!