“If you, O LORD, should mark iniquities, Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with you, so that you may be revered.”- Psalm 130:3-5

1- HOPELESSNESS –  The psalmist begins with the Hopelessness of all mankind- “Oh LORD, if You should keep records of our sin who could stand ?” The answer is no one could stand before The Lord! We look around at the best of mankind, the most “virtuous,” of whom we consider to “stand” before God as though equal with Him in sinlessness, purity and righteousness. Surely there is someone to stand before Him, that He is impressed with of equal standing? We find there is none, no not one who can stand before God without sin. The hopelessness of the situation. The hopelessness of mankind. the “best of the best” is vile, wicked depraved.but the psalmist does not leave us there but points us to…

2.- HOPE –The Hope for all mankind… “But with You there IS forgiveness…” With The Lord we are left with hope. Note the word,” IS.” It is present tense He is ready, able, willing and in Him presently we find the Hope of forgiveness,”… with You there is forgiveness…” To have all your sin debt cancelled, erased, pardoned, sent away, covered, oh how marvelous, compassionate He is. The blood of the cross of His dear Son Jesus makes this a reality to all who flee to Him. He alone can stand before God on our behalf having taken our place as our in bearer, our substitute, His sacrifice alone sufficient to satisfy God.

3.- HONOR – . There are many reasons people are “motivated to serve” the LORD, such as guilt, duty, fear, but none of these are worthy of Him. How should we respond to such mercy, grace sacrifice? “…that you might be served reverently.” Reverence for The Lord who turns our hopeless over our sin by granting us hope through present tense forgiveness is meant to have an EFFECT-A God honoring effect, namely serving Him from a heart of HONOR…to HONOR Him!

  • Know the hopelessness of all men- none can stand blameless before God
  • Know the Hope that is found for you, for all, in the LORD. With Him there is forgiveness
  • Know the Hope in Christ alone.
  • Know Whom it is you serve – The LORD.
  • Know why you serve Him today, from a heart  gratitude and of reverence for Him who has forgiven you!

Be thankful to Him who does not hold your sin against you for He held it once for all against His Son the Lord Jesus on the cross. In Him there IS forgiveness. Your motivation to serve  Him… Is clear. The proper way to serve Him today is with… HONOR…For HIS…HONOR!



Memorize Psalm 130:3-5

Meditate upon this verse, phrase by phrase,

Praise Him for His forgiveness

Pray to serve Him out of reverence daily

Pray  for an opportunity to share this good news with someone who is hopeless. Reach out to the Hopeless with the Hope that is in the LORD.

You could use the outline to help share with others- The Hopelessness- The Hope – The Honor

Pray for opportunities to remind God’s people of the Hope of Forgiveness. Present tense forgiveness is theirs and may they be MOTIVATED to serve Him with reverence.