Reason to “Bless The Lord O my Soul…. Who PARDONS ALL your sins.”- (Psalm 103:1-5)

He has PARDONED ALL of our sins. Not only pasts sins, but present and future ones. He has stamped “pardoned” over all. He “forgives” it is a verb, it is continuous, He has forgiven and continues to forgive and forgive and forgive!!  “Sins” or “iniquities,” which speaks of “crookedness,” not just failures but the deviation and corruptness of our being. He has forgiven, pardoned “all,” every last one of the corruptness of our being, our thought life,lips, sins of omission,commission, every type of wickedness, evil crookedness of our very being-Pardoned! It is present tense.

Think about this;


“… as far as the east is from the west,so far has HE removed our transgressions from us.”- (v12). He takes your sin,al of them and has put them away – all of them-on His SON who bore- All of them on the cross! And to prove He was satisfied with his Son’s sacrifice upon your behalf, He raises the Lord Jesus from the dead and seated Him in Majesty on High!  When the “accuser of the brethren” points out our sins we have an “ADVOCATE’- Jesus the RIGHTEOUS!- {1 John 2;1}. Jesus our Advocate, His blood, His righteousness, cleanses us from “all” unrighteousness and His righteousness is accredited to us! We are  Pardoned people!!  All because of His doing!!!

Glorious God who has the power, the heart, mercy, love to satisfy His own demands through the laying on of our sins on His Son to bear our punishment that we might be “pardoned!” And the response is to speak to our souls this truth as a springboard to “BLESS/ speak well of/ Praise… The LORD!” He has made us His Pardoned People! And this is one reason to speak this truth to yourself and reason for you to BLESS Him…this moment!

You are a fully pardoned, eternally so person …Who has continual reason to “Bless The Lord!”
Speak to yourself the truth and remind yourself often as a springboard to praise Him and calm your own heart
“I am who God says I am…Pardoned!”

I am His Pardoned Possession- Praise Him!