In This day of panic and fear in turbulent times the temptation not only for those without Christ is to focus on self at the expense of others, the shelves in food stores testify as people gather as much as they can with no thought for those who have not got. To such an extent that some stores have put a quota on how many of a product can be purchased because people are selfish, scared and lack love for others and are willing to let THEM go without.

But as Christians we too can fall into the fear and panic living as though God does not know about us or care about us so we too run to the store buying up things we may not even need and in such bulk that we have no thought, concern, love of or for … the needs of … OTHERS!

We “HIDE” away and HOARD… when we have opportunity to display the love of Christ to those who have no hope…

This does not mean we are foolish and do not take heed to the medical field during covid-19, and follow their advice, warnings, we can do that and still …look out for the physical and spiritual welfare of others.

The other night a scared elderly couple recognized by wife in a store and shared their fear of shopping and would they be able to get food, would there be any left on the shelves for them and afraid they because of their age could catch the virus by being in the store…they were terrified because of their age they are in the dangerous bracket for infection….

She told them she would help them and would get them groceries and is seeking to get a list from them to shop…

If the LORD does not take us and there is NO PROMISE He won’t as He does what He pleases and has the absolute right to do so-{Read Psalm 135:6}. But if He leaves us and them and if this all passes over we trust and pray He will give us favor with them FOR the Gospel because in the panic we reached out to them in their time of crisis. She could easily have said “I have a very sick husband at home and I don’t have time for you.. you are on your own, ” but she didn’t because love looks outwards to …benefit OTHERS! That’s what the love of Christ does in us and through us…!

Jesus gave us this example with the Good Samaritan, while others walked by and left the man in need the Samaritan walked towards to alleviate it and Jesus testifies this is how love behaves! {Read Luke 10:25-37}.

In this Crisis or any crisis, we must look to the CHRIST who is LORD over the Crisis and seek to let our LIGHT shine in the darkness of this time and seek to SHARE our lives and what we have with others for Jesus sake…

CAN YOU THINK of anyone you can contact and ask if they need anything?

A friend recently shared some needs he had and how he shared with someone who ended up getting what they needed.

The Crisis is an opportunity to SHOW CHRIST and SHARE Christ’s love with people.

We don’t need to be hiding under the table and hoarding but we have the privilege to SHINE and SHARE… for Jesus sake!{Read 2 Cor 4:5}


“No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. {Hiding the light} Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives LIGHT to everyone in the house.”-{Matt 5:15}

The Motivation?

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”-{Matt 5:16}


“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will ALWAYS have everything you need and plenty left over to TO SHARE WITH OTHERS.”-{2 Cor 9:8}

“Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.”-{Gal 6:10}

PRAY; Ask the LORD for opportunities to SHINE your light of good deeds so that He may be Glorified during this time and SHARE with those in need… that you may have favor and point them to the SAVIOR, our LORD Jesus Christ!

Anyone you can contact by phone, text or social media to inquire how they are?, do they need anything? Sometimes people just need someone to LISTEN to them and that can be you who is there for them!

Do you have more than you need? Pray He gives you opportunity to SHARE with someone and in doing so let your light of good deeds SHINE “SO THAT they may see your good works and glorify Your Father in heaven”.


Have you ever prayed “Father Glorify Your Name?” Well, one way Scripture says we can is through SHARING… DOING GOOD DEEDS! And as we do, they then SEE… what do they SEE? Your good Thoughts? No. Your GOOD DEED’S AND it points them to Your Heavenly Father and they Give Him GLORY! You can be a part of the people whom others “SEE” your good works and Glorify God as a result of them. You can share your life in various ways. Reach out, make a call, text, go online, use social media for “good.” If you’re not in “lock down” and you have opportunity if you have to go to the store for an essential, call and ask an older person or someone if you can pick up an essential item for them. Reach out for “good.”

Here is a thought; If you don’t have to go out due to the advice of the medical field then the way you can share is by following their instructions and sharing your love for…others… by following the instructions from the medical field!


AND if you have been Hiding and Hoarding out of fear, Confess it and begin a fresh asking Him for wisdom to make wise decisions and for eternal perspective to look to SHINE and SHARE that people may SEE your good works and … GLORIFY…. YOUR FATHER ..IN .. HEAVEN!

Don’t Hide Your light. Don’t Hoard...

DO SHINE AND SHARE,“…SO MEN may SEE your Good Works and GLORIFY Your Father in Heaven”