The Scripture Gives “Comfort, Encouragement, Hope” to all who avail {Read Psalm 119:50; Rom 15;4}. The Scripture GIVES so we can RECEIVE and in turn Give that others can receive…Comfort, Encouragement, Hope -{Read 2 Cor 1:4; Heb 3:13;1 Pet 1:13; Psalm 119:49}. Remember, God uses His WORD…and the temptation is to neglect or substitute and when we do, we end up with counterfeit “comfort, encouragement and hope” and others do not benefit from us.

Feed on His Word..Read, re read, Meditate and apply,.and then distribute it to help Feed others -{Read Matt 4:4; Col 3:16). Have you ever thought that you Don’t just receive for you but you receive that you may ALSO help Others {Read Ezra 7:10; Nehemiah 8}


  1. Read, THINK, Study about the above verses as God wants to encourage you He “…gives encouragement”-{Read Rom 15:5}. If you need comfort, encouragement, hope, then when you come to His Word ask Him to do so according to His Word, and expect Him to do so!
  2. Like Ezra you do not merely study for yourself but to be a means to encourage others “Daily…!” – {Heb 3:13}. Think about that! “Daily Encourager’s” is what we are to be about, not “flattery” but coming alongside people to deposit truth, love into them and strengthen them.

The next time you come to His Word, or meditate upon it ask yourself “Who Am I reading, Meditating, Applying for? Myself, to know God better, love Him, Serve Him and Serve …OTHERS!” At times when you don’t “feel” like getting in the Word through hearing, reading, Meditating upon it – Remind yourself …do it for Others sake… to Help them, “… for Jesus sake” -{Read 2 Cor 4:5 } –🙂