I was thinking this evening on “shut-in’s,” and elderly people or others who are isolated, lonely, cut off and does it take a death for people to STOP- Make Time, take time, to show up at their funeral before we reach out? True people have their own lives jobs etc, and it is not always possible to STOP, Take time and physically travel to see someone, but in this day of technology how long does a phone call, text, etc take?

Oh and the flowers? They will be beautiful except. they will not be present to appreciate your kind gesture. Maybe before they die you could send some. I am sure they would appreciate them. The kind words you may share about them? They won’t be able to hear them they won’t be there. Maybe now those things you could share with them, and encourage them of things you remember, things they did or said that made you laugh, comforted, or helped you. Oh, and you have the time, it’s just a matter of …prioritizing.

Think about it, we prioritize what is important to us. For example, sports fans will already see the upcoming games for a season and schedule “life” around that so they can either go in person or watch on tv the games. Why? It is important to them. Nothing wrong with be it sports, entertainment, pass times etc…but I think Jesus shows us what or rather who our priority is to be, -Love GOD- LOVE others-{Luke 10;27}. Sometimes we just have to stop and consider are our priorities in alignment with His?

It’s a start you believe this is right but unless you are deliberate there will be no long term change. You don’t drift into change! Ask Him to help you be other people conscious and definite in your love!

Who do you know who you could reach out to encourage and they would not have to wait to see when they die before they hear from you. As best as you can, be a people person, investing time, effort, resources in people…prioritizing people… for Jesus Sake…!

Oh, don’t worry if you don’t have time…they understand and may say… See You When I Die!

Who will benefit because you choose to be deliberate in choosing them!