Reading through the Gospel of Luke, we come to chapter 8, and below are a few thoughts that stuck out to me on THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST. Not only in the PHYSICAL Realm, but the SPIRITUAL Realm. There is nowhere that His ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY is limited, hindered, quenched, or overcome. His Authority is ABSOLUTE. Consider with me some of those areas where they are expressed and take HOPE from seeing Him in the circumstances. And He is always present with us in our circumstances to express His Sovereignty- Absolute Authority in an area should He choose to. He is not obligated, for His ways are higher than ours but we do know that He promises to work not a few things but “all things together for good to those who love Him and are the called.”-( Rom 8:28) Whether in the PHYSICAL or SPIRITUAL Realms Jesus is in absolute control to do as He pleases -(Read Psalm 135:6).

Jesus DEMONSTRATES… ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY; a few highlights from Luke chapter 8 show the power and absolute authority of Jesus, in compassionately meeting people where they were at.

Note in these 4 Areas…

They were all IN SUBMISSION to Him.


* Disciples Learned the Elements, wind, waves were- v 22-25

* Demons. – v2,26-39

* Disease- v 2, 40-48

* Death – 49-56

* Deliverance is found in a Person. Jesus!


The Disciples in the boat encountered the fierce wind and waves threatening to destroy them while Jesus slept soundly through it and upon waking Him the elements were but SPOKEN to by Jesus and they were hushed and put in their place of calmness by Him! Their circumstances allowed them to see the Authority of Jesus over the elements! During their terrifying and trying circumstances, He used to reveal something of Himself to them, namely His Power over the elements! To such an extent they said, “But they were fearful and amazed, saying to one another, “Who then is this, that He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey Him?”-{v 25}


The Woman with the blood disorder was healed. He wasn’t obligated to heal. He never is! But He chose to freely of His own doing to heal her and others in verse 2 also. The disease was not in control Christ was, is, and forever will be. In verse 2 it says, “healed of…sicknesses.” It doesn’t matter the type, they all were in submission to His Healing Power when He chose to exercise it! Then we read of the poor woman who for twelve years…” a woman who had suffered a chronic flow of blood for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone, “ -(v 43). Twelve years, that’s 4380 consecutive days! She was suffering and notice the verse says “and could not be healed by ANYONE.” No one, could heal her then Someone came along, Jesus, He could and did do what no one else could do. He healed her!!!! Glory! Indeed what was Impossible with people, in one moment was not only possible but happened through the LORD Jesus!


This poor man was in torment. The best society could do was chain him up. Their answer was to chain him up and put him away from society. Jesus came and freed him up! And he went back to “society” telling them what Jesus had done! From one moment tied up in chains to TESTIFYING- Telling others of what Jesus had done for him!

The man exhibited unnatural strength breaking chains, the demons within. The demons knew who Jesus was and they had to get permission to go into the pigs and we see their end – they were under the AUTHORITY of Jesus! Their characteristics were one of destruction – They knew who Jesus was and the authority He had over them and they had to ask Him for permission to go into the pigs. They were in submission to Jesus.


Jairus daughter. Word had come to Jesus that she was dying. Jesus went there and told she had died. (V49). Jesus went into the house and said she was sleeping. Their response? “And they began laughing at Him, knowing that she had died. He, however, took her by the hand and spoke forcefully, saying, “Child, arise!” And her spirit returned, and she got up immediately; and He ordered that something be given her to eat.”-(v53-55).

  • Even death, that fierce conquering foe had to bow quivering before the LORD Jesus as He but Spoke and life was imparted to the little girl!

Above are but four short snaps of the Supremacy of Jesus while He walked among us and are fuel for our praise of Him who is Sovereign LORD over the Elements. Disease. Demons. Death! His Authority has not weaned. He is still The LORD in whom all things are in submission to Him.

No one or nothing has usurped His AUTHORITY. Though it is challenged His Authority is never Conqueted for He cannot be Conquered! He is God!


Take Luke 8 and using the Four Aras I have mentioned read each one and see How did the disciples repons when Jesus calmed the seas. What did He say? How did they respond? What about the Demoniac? How did he respond after Jesus freed him? What did he say, or do? What about the woman who had been ill for twelve years with a blood disorder, what did she do, say after She had been healed? What about the parents of the little girl who was raised back to life, What did they do?

What can you apply from your own life based on what ways Jesus has demonstrated His Absolute Authority in your life? For example, He has raised you to life if you have repented towards God and placed your trust in Christ, He has raised you to newness of Life the Bible teaches, a new creature in Crist, alive to God… delivered from the deadness of sin {Eph 2:1-3} to now a child of God …newborn -{1 Peter 1:3}

Take the four areas mentioned that PEOPLE EXPERIENCED, and TESTIFIED TO. It was PERSONAL. Jesus was personally involved and the people personally experienced His ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY in one of these 4 Ways He expressed it- Elements. Demons.Disease. Death and praise Him that all these are in submission, under His ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY to the LORD Jesus! Glory!

Be encouraged…

God bless,