I stopped of from a medical center at a place to help with my car. I had been there a year ago. A young man comes towards me and I wasn’t sure if he was the man I spoke with about the LORD a year ago. We got to talk and I said,” Do you know what I read,” I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.”-( 1 John 5:13).

I shared with him how wonderful it is that we can “KNOW” for certainty that we can know we are going to Heaven.  Those who “BELIEVE” who have entrusted themselves to the Son of God- Our LORD Jesus Christ-{1 John 5:5} having been persuaded by Him and as a result persuaded in Him of His character, promises, claims, we have submitted ourselves to Him having repented- done a u-turn from self-serving to submit to Him who has created us and caused us to be born again to a living Hope and placing our faith in Him alone as the only way to Heaven. Jesus said to the disciples after telling them of His death that He was going to prepare a place for them that where He was they may also be with Him- and when one of the disciples said we do not know the way He responded ” I am THE Way, THE Truth THE Life, NO ONE Comes to the Father except THROUGH ME”-{Read John 14:1-6}. “THE” is exclusive not one of many ways or “A” way” But “THE” Exclusive Jesus Christ is “THE WAY” to Heaven!

“I shared with him how our thoughts have to go somewhere and we have to keep our minds on His Word, and renew our minds…

I recognized an older man from a year ago walking toward me and he asked “ How are you?” I told him “ Praising the LORD,

“..Let everything that has BREATH praise the LORD.”….” I shared with him that As long as we are breathing we can praise the LORD…” I just finished praying for both men and asking God to meet them with Himself whatever their need that He might be honored!

Very sick this afternoon. Started some meds to try to help with relief… but thankful for His opportunities these past few days to share…


Pray if you would for these people I’ve had opportunities these past few days

And look to share a verse with someone today , use the question, “how are you?” As your springboard to answer with,” do you know what I read” or”… was thinking of.” Spread is Word…,

God bless and encourage you