Once or twice a week for many years a friend went to a nursing home to visit elderly people. His motivation? Knowing that the only way some would leave there was in a box, sad but very true. He called it “THE LAST POST.” His service was not to a family member but to people he would befriend over time and he chose to Make time- Take time and Give time- to people for whom time was running out. Was he paid to do this? No! Was he with some “ministry” or organization? No! He simply had a concern for the souls of elderly people!

Every Monday night, in every season including the cold, wet, and damp evenings in Ireland, he would go and see these dear elderly people.

He had taken a class where he was trained and could cut their toe nails for those who needed it.

He would sit and play chess with some, but always with intent- their eternal well-being at heart!

He had eternity in his heart and he looked at people with an eternal perspective.

One can only believe God had placed this desire in his heart as He has a love and desire for the elderly. They looked forward to his coming, some perhaps would have no one come and visit them.

Perhaps God will use you to further His Kingdom in the life or lives of some elderly people. Can you think of any who may benefit from a visit, a call, an invitation to come and have a cup of tea, coffee or a meal? What bout looking to see how you can go visit those who cannot get out?


Someone needs you…Someone needs the Gospel of Christ. Someone else may need the Encouragement of Christ. Look at what you spend the time God has entrusted you with on. Consider the Elderly…Consider the lonely…Consider the souls of men… Consider the Value God places on an elderly person…Consider the CROSS… Consider the TIME You Have…and  where necessary MAKE TIME- TAKE TIME- GIVE TIME… there is an elderly person who is in need. Perhaps God will use you to further His Kingdom in their lives…
Time is a Gift God entrusts to each of us…

The Elderly- MAKE TIME-TAKE TIME-GIVE TIME…while there is …TIME