Sept 23 2020 

Was thinking this morning, the treatments to slow down my disease have failed, someone might say, “But God can slow it down,” He can, but why would you want it to slow down? Imagine if you are a high school student or college student looking forward to your big day of graduation, you have been aiming for it, looking forward to it and someone comes and says “We are going to slow down your graduation.” What do you mean? “Well, we are going to put your graduation back seven years, so you can stay here longer!” “WHAT!!! Are you crazy?” You wouldn’t be happy with that, would you? Like a train on a journey has a destination, to have it slow down and stop along the way, was not the reason you got on the train in the first place. You have a destination to go, and you want to get there as you do with graduating on time! Christ is our destination-{Read Phil 1:21}… and thankfully in His time on time we will arrive safe in His Presence. No, I don’t as you don’t know our time when we will depart but each day is closer, so live today to learn to Love and know Him better and love others more today than before!- The Best is Ahead! No slowing down! -🙂