It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. – Eccl 7:2

I was just reading an article of certain soccer players I would have known about as a kid growing up watching some of them who died this past year, and my mind wondered, “where are they now…where in eternity are they?”…. Is it being morbid? Or is it just wondering about the inevitable. We all die, the Scripture teaches and we all go to our place. The above verse gives some sound advice and the solemnity of life which is fleeting, the Scripture says our life is life a vapor. “It is better to go to house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone.” It is inevitable… the writer of Ecclesiastes said, “….the living should take this to heart.” The Gospel is good news, the news to those who need to hear the bad news , the Bible says we are all dead spiritually in our sins, but the good news is that Jesus came to die for our sins and was raised as God accepted His sacrifice on our behalf that all who repent towards God and put their trust in Jesus are safe. SAFE FROM THE WRATH OF GOD. SAFE from the penalty of sin, SAFE from eternity in Hell separated from GOD and case into utter darkness, without God and Christ.

OVER THE YEARS, I have seen people respond to the death of someone with various responses, heartbroken, denial, adrenaline carrying them through the shock, drink to numb the pain, silence as not knowing what to say, laughter to try and ignore that there is a corpse in a box that has no life. Anything to avoid the reality. So we try and “mask” what has happened and yet this verse says “IT IS BETTER to go to a house of mourning…” Better than what? “… THAN to go to a house of feasting….” Why is this so? The writer says because of the reality which has faced everyone born into this world, which includes me and you,”….for death IS THE DESTINY OF EVERYONE.” So what?…. the writer tells us,”….the Living SHOULD TAKE IT TO HEART.”- {Ecclesiastes 7;2}


IT’S BETTER because it is meant to call us to the reality of what faces us all- death. And it is “better” to go to a house of mourning that we may take heed and LEARN…All people DIE. One out of one person dies and goes into eternity, to be with the Lord JESUS or to be sent away from Him. It is either…or!


In the Old Testimony, one time the people were hemmed in a city and cut off from food and were going to die, outside some lepers realized they were going to die and decided to go to the enemy’s camp and when they got there the LORD had routed them and while they were enjoying it one said, “we are not doing right this is a day of good news” he remembered those who were dying behind the wall while the LORD had provided, so they went back to tell. Think on it this way, people are spiritually dying and without hope and Christ, you and I have come to know Him and “we are not doing right” if we are not seeking to pray for opportunities and taking them to share with people that the LORD JESUS has provided SPIRITUAL LIFE – Eternal life with Him, so that death is but a means to entering into His presence and not a gateway to Hell. All though when people die who had no relationship with the LORD JESUS BOTH PREACHERS AND FRIENDS WANT TO SAY that the dead person is in Heaven, based on what? What they want it to be, rather than what God says. Some say “well God needed an angel and took them” or “They are at peace now.” when in reality without a turning to God in repentance and submitting to Jesus Christ as Lord and life being changed they have no Biblical right to say they are in Heaven, based on the Scriptures. Jesus is not “a way” But “THE Way” to God, He is exclusive, and coming through the “narrow way” leads to life and those on the “broad way” who live their life for their sake on their terms perish and spend eternity in Hell.

We can look at what the above verse says and WHAT IS BETTER…WHY IT IS BETTER…to go to a place of mourning. Solemn verse… it brings us to THINK on Eternity…. and by God’s Grace to SEEK to pursue the SOULS OF MEN


Years ago when my children were younger I was invited from time to time to speak at a CERTAIN church which was beside an old graveyard. I would have the children look at the different head stones, and add up how old the person was who died based on the date of birth and death on the tombstone. Some were mothers, some were babies, some were a great age,. The kids would then come and tell me the youngest and the oldest person who had died and was buried there.

With that I would share they all had one thing in common they ALL were somewhere in eternity. It was always a solemn moment, I took them to a cemetery to try and teach them a spiritual reality.

“IT IS BETTER TO GO TO A HOUSE OF MOURNING…” The writer gives us the ETERNAL reason why. Death is but a reminder of our frailty and the fact we all die… and the living are to take it to heart….. and act upon it. Do you take it to heart? Do you think that all whom you meet will go to their place in eternity?


You have the good news, sometimes you may meet a person in a fleeting way, PRAY and look for ways to share with people in your circles. PRAY and look for ways to share. You can even start the conversation something like this,”Do you mind if I share with you something I recently read?'” Most people will be glad for you to share, as their inquisitive and then you can memorize Eccl 7:2 and share with them and trust the Holy Spirit who is present when you share will open their hearts as He did Lydia to save them, and even if they walk away His Word will not return void. He can bring it back to their minds that day, week, month or years down the road, such is the Power of the Holy Spirit and Word of God.

Trust Him, Trust His Word. Please, consider prayerfully this verse and your part in the Good News, for some day you too will stand by a box with a soul, whose life has departed as have they into ETERNITY, HEAVEN OR HELL. Be about the Master’s Business. The people in your life are people whom God has given you favor and my prayer for you is what Paul said while he was in prison, “My CIRCUMSTANCE have worked out to FURTHER THE GOSPEL…” – Philippians 1:12.In the circumstances you find yourself in seek to be spiritually minded seeking to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ- TODAY!