“Christ will even now as always, be magnified in my body, whether by life or death.” – {Philippians 1:20}

“MAGNIFIED…” {made big, great, exalted] was Paul’s cry while imprisoned.

 The Greek word that Paul uses in Philippians 1:20 is the word “megaluno,” which means “to make large,” or “to magnify.” It is the verb form of the word “mega” — big, large, great. We know this word in the expression megabucks (big bucks) and in such words as megaphone (enlarged sound) and megalopolis (a huge city). I suppose we could coin an English verb to express the desire to make something big by saying, “let’s megasize it.” That would be the idea of “megaluno” — to make something big, to magnify it or make it large.

When Paul says “…but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death” (KJV – Phil. 1:20), he is expressing the desire that everything about him, even his death, would be a magnifying glass for people to see more clearly the glories of Christ. Actually, there are two ideas expressed by “megaluno” in this passage.

First, there is the idea of enlarging the picture of Christ through what people see in Paul’s life and death. Not just by wearing an enlarged picture of Jesus on his T-shirt, but by exposing the indwelling Christ through all that he says and does.

Second, there is also the idea of exalting that enlarged picture of Christ. Again, not simply by putting pictures of Jesus on prominent billboards, but by being candid and transparent about his devotion to the Savior with the people around him wherever he goes. To “exalt” is to praise and make known that which is loved and honored. In their translations of “megaluno” in Philippians 1:20, the King James translators chose the word “magnified”, while the New American Standard and New International Version translators chose the word “exalted”. Actually it takes both words to express the full idea of “megaluno”.

Paul wanted to enlarge and magnify the name of Jesus, but he also wanted to expose and exalt that name. Make it big, and put it where everyone can see it — that’s the idea.

So how is it with you? Can you say with Paul “…as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified/exalted in my body”? In everything you do and in everything you say, make Christ big and put Him where everyone can see Him. “- Dr Dan Haydan

What was his “vehicle” for “CHRIST MAGNIFIED…” TO BE EXHIBITED?

“CHRIST MAGNIFIED…IN MY BODY.”- the vehicle he had was his”body.” God had given him a body and with it he had determined whether by living or dying this would be his aim, indeed his battle cry,”CHRIST MAGNIFIED.” Whatever anyone else would or would not do, for him with the vehicle the Lord had entrusted to him, namely his body, he would seek that “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” would be the purpose of his body! He had determined in his heart that the purpose of his existence would be summed up in this  ‘statement of faith’-“CHRIST MAGNIFIED.”

Paul does not say, “PAUL MAGNIFIED…” if we left out Paul’s name and put in our own, for example is you put in your name here ________ Magnified.”

 It really gives a distorted view,- sin always does! The desire for self to be made big, great, exalted is sinful! What an ugly view of the sin of our heart. This desire, pursuit to be exalted above God. That Christ be relegated, replaced while I or you be in whatever the circumstances our aim is self exaltation_____ Magnified”

Paul teaches us it is not about “right” or “pleasant” circumstances but about a clearly defined objective which comes from an eternal minded Perspective. God has given you a body and with that body you have  to determine what you will do-

The Battle cry from an imprisoned man still rings down through the centuries, – “CHRIST MAGNIFIED.”


The lesson is that we do not have to wait for the “right” circumstances before we too determine that irrespective of “where” we are, it is not about having the “perfect” or “right circumstances” and “then” we will decide and determine and purpose and gladly say, “Christ magnified…. in MY BODY…” No,- it is “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” present tense, “even now…always!” In the pleasant times, the difficult times, irrespective whether Paul was imprisoned, his “battle cry” and intent of his heart had not changed! For ever, “EVEN NOW…ALWAYS” the same “CHRIST MAGNIFIED…IN MY BODY!”

Where you are at this moment is your OPPORTUNITY, not where you “Wish” you were but where you are  presently. We can “wish” our lives away and before we know it we have come to the end of our lives and have nothing to show for it, but “hay, wood, and stubble.”

“CHRIST MAGNIFIED…IN… LIFE…” His life irrespective of circumstances. He wrote this from prison where he was now confined, he was “shut in” but he was not shut out from communicating to other believers his single hearted devotion irrespective of his circumstances , no matter where he found himself. In his life the cry was “Christ magnified…”

 “CHRIST MAGNIFIED… IN…DEATH.” He was imprisoned and Nero the wicked leader had the power to take his life. Paul’s concern that even in death,”CHRIST MAGNIFIED”  would result through his dying. Often we look to make our “last testament,”- a will, which is a good thing. We seek to prepare for our death but we often neglect that the purpose in our dying would ultimately conclude with,”CHRIST MAGNIFIED!” We seek to prepare for the temporal but forget the eternal! Not so Paul. His gaol in dying, even if it was execution under the tyranny of evil. Nero was that Christ magnified would be manifest. he was Christ conscious, Christ intoxicated and his grandest desire was to see his Lord and Savior receive glory even in his death.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, keep “the battle cry,” which is the intent of your whole life before you, that in those circumstances there is one all consuming passion that you desire to come forth and that is,“CHRIST MAGNIFIED…” If that is not your purpose then you will never hit the goal! It demands we THINK and we AIM to this end, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to remind and enable us- “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” by plea and aim in this body, where YOU find yourself!  You don’t drift into this aim. You choose to occupy yourself with Christ and His purpose, submtting to Him for your life and from it comes the eternal cry, “CHRIST MAGNIFIED….IN MY BODY….WHETHER BY LIFE OR DEATH…” There really is no One or nothing else worth living for. Have you come to that Scriptural conclusion?


Have you lost perspective on why you exist,and for whom you exist? An easy test, from the dinner table to the class room, work place, do you seek, indeed “fight” for preeminence . “Self MAGNIFIED.” or “CHRIST MAGNIFIED…” one is of no eternal worth, the other of eternal worth to all you come in contact with. Are you living your life with this single intention, “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” If not, then your life is not been lived out for the purpose for which you were created for.  Your life will not be of eternal value! It begins with you thinking through Scripture and fixing the intent of your life on that which God desires for you, namely His Son be exalted!

The song of Heaven is “WORTHY THE LAMB, who was slain to receive power, and wealth and wisdom and strength and HONOR and GLORY and PRAISE!”- {Rev 5″:12}….Join in with your own cry, “CHRIST EXALTED even now as always in my body whether by life or death.” Live out your song of Praise to Him!

 TODAY- confess…

1. – I am GOD’S PURCHASED POSSESSION” – {1 Cor 6:20}.

2. – I have been CREATED TO GLORIFY HIM – {1 Cor 10:30-31}.

3. – In this moment and every moment MY CLEARLY DEFINED OBJECTIVE IS TO BE – “CHRIST MAGNIFIED...in  -my body…whether by life or by death…”


1. – DETERMINE Now by the Grace of God to live moment by moment in dependance upon Him to live out “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” in and through you.

2. – ASK HIM to help REMIND you to  focus your desire and actions to be one of gladly living and dying with one all consuming passion,”CHRIST MAGNIFIED in my body, whether by life or by death.- {Philippians 1:20}

3. – WRITE OUT on a 3 by 5 card Philippians 1:20 and carry with you and when you have time, look at it read and re read it for a week. Meditate on each word, phrase and pray it for yourself that it may be true of you. Pray it for yourself and  for others.

4. – “BUDDY SYSTEM.” – Look to see if you can have someone else memorize and apply this verse with you, that together you could remind each other that whatever the circumstance. are you seeking, or did you seek,“CHRIST MAGNIFIED.” in the situation?