“CHRIST will even now, as always BE EXALTED in MY BODY, whether by LIFE or by DEATH. – Phil 1:20

While a new year comes in and many of us “want” things, circumstances to change, be more pleasant, more money, lose weight, get a better job, etc.  Nothing wrong with any of these in and of them-self, “BUT…” anyone can have these “wants” but where is Jesus Christ in them, if that is but the final goal?

Paul shows us in prison what he wanted to “GIVE.” He wanted “Christ  MAGNIFIED” in and through him whether by life or by his death! Imagine if we would pray and ask God to make this our “new year resolution,” in dependance upon His Spirit to work this in and through us. Reminding us before we speak, act… “CHRIST MAGNIFIED”- The goal in whatever CIRCUMSTANCE you find yourself in! ”

The Greek word that Paul uses in Philippians 1:20 is the word “megaluno,” which means “to make large,” or “to magnify.” It is the verb form of the word “mega” — big, large, great. We know this word in the expression megabucks (big bucks) and in such words as megaphone (enlarged sound) and megalopolis (a huge city). I suppose we could coin an English verb to express the desire to make something big by saying, “let’s megatize it.” That would be the idea of “megaluno” — to make something big, to magnify it or make it large.

When Paul says “…but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death” (KJV – Phil. 1:20), he is expressing the desire that everything about him, even his death, would be a magnifying glass for people to see more clearly the glories of Christ. Actually, there are two ideas expressed by “megaluno” in this passage.

First, there is the idea of enlarging the picture of Christ through what people see in Paul’s life and death. Not just by wearing an enlarged picture of Jesus on his T-shirt, but by exposing the indwelling Christ through all that he says and does.

Second, there is also the idea of exalting that enlarged picture of Christ. Again, not simply by putting pictures of Jesus on prominent billboards, but by being candid and transparent about his devotion to the Savior with the people around him wherever he goes. To “exalt” is to praise and make known that which is loved and honored. In their translations of “megaluno” in Philippians 1:20, the King James translators chose the word “magnified”, while the New American Standard and New International Version translators chose the word “exalted”. Actually it takes both words to express the full idea of “megaluno”.

Paul wanted to enlarge and magnify the name of Jesus, but he also wanted to expose and exalt that name. Make it big, and put it where everyone can see it — that’s the idea.

So how is it with you? Can you say with Paul “…as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified/exalted in my body”? In everything you do and in everything you say, make Christ big and put Him where everyone can see Him. “- Dr Dan Haydan

Practically how  was “Christ magnified” through Paul in his difficult CIRCUMSTANCES where he was imprisoned  for Christ’s sake,and even opposed by envious preachers .
Paul Prayed- 1:3-7-9-11
Paul Proclaimed Christ – v 12-14

In v 12– He wrote “my CIRCUMSTANCES have worked out to further the Gospel.” The word “further” or some translations say “advance” was used of  men who went ahead of the main army and removed brush, obstacles that may slow the main army down.Paul said that his circumstances did not hinder the Gospel but indeed ADVANCED the Gospel. How?

v 13-  EVANGELISM . In his circumstances the Gospel was EVANGELIZED- to the praetorian guard and the household. Paul had shared The Gospel  and had reached out with evangelism

In v14 – ENCOURAGEMENT-“Most {not all} of the brethren were encouraged to trust in the LORD because of his imprisonment to speak the Word of God boldly. They were ENCOURAGED by Paul to speak out the GOSPEL- BOLDLY!

In His CIRCUMSTANCES- Christ was being MAGNIFIED in his body as he used the CIRCUMSTANCES he found himself in to MAGNIFY Jesus Christ through Advancing the Gospel through, PRAYER- EVANGELISM –

V 20– His Goal –  ” Christ will even now, as always, BE MAGNIFIED {Exalted}in my Body whether by life or by death.”  we get our word “mega” from the word used here for Magnify- Make Big, Make Large, Great, Exalt, Honor. Paul saw his life had one purpose the magnifying, exalting, making Christ large through his body whether by life or by death, by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ magnified  was his goal. It did not depend on his circumstances but on his fixed conviction of WHY  and WHAT he lived for – “Christ Magnified” in my body- whether I live- his goal- “Christ magnified.” What about dying? Christ magnified…in my death!” Christ intoxicated! Paul had a single purpose “CHRIST MAGNIFIED”

Whatever CIRCUMSTANCES we find ourselves in this year, be they “prosperous,” or “difficult” God help us to have this one glorious GOAL- “CHRIST MAGNIFIED!”

May the year ahead be one of “Christ magnified”– in your circumstances in prayer- evangelism- encouragement!