“We have an ADVOCATE with God…” –{1 John 2:1}

Before the “Bar of God” we are represented, when the accusations, condemnations and when we sin are brought forward against us!

For we have an Accepted Representative, A Favored Representative, A Qualified representative. We have Someone Who Wins all His cases and has never lost one nor will He. He is our Eternal Advocate, Favored by the Court of God because of His credentials…”Jesus the Righteous,” who appeals His merits on our behalf and they are ALWAYS NOTED and ACCEPTED!” –

For “we have” grammatically is “present tense,”- OUR CONTINUAL POSSESSION, “we have continually” an Advocate with God! Glorious LORD Jesus!

Think on This. This very second and every second for all eternity…YOU…. “… have an ADVOCATE with God, JESUS THE RIGHTEOUS!” He is Authorized, Qualified, Able to represent you, and this He does not with weariness or indifference but with Love, Glorious Love for you!! Think on that!

Praise and adore Him!

Hide this verse in your heart and use it in your prayers as fuel to Thank Him! Seek to share and encourage others with this precious verse –