There is enough “bad news” at times to tempt and CHOOSE to succumb to throwing in the towel and quit praying.

For the disciples they had been told He was leaving, would be handed over and be crucified. One of them was a traitor. They had also been told by Him  that He would rise again but in the turmoil they had forgot to remember! We too often forget to remember what He has said during the difficult times and then to look at the problem or potential problems rather than Him and His promises. We often allow the difficulties to overshadow, and it affects our thinking, and as a result our praying! We forget to Remember what He has said!

Jesus in the passage gives us a future hope, that many of us fail to think of why we should pray and continue, namely, one motivation not to lose heart in prayer… ? Verse 3, 18 – Jesus is coming again!

His return should motivate us to persist in praying. Do you ever find yourself THINKING MUCH on and motivated by His return as a means to keep praying? Few perhaps do.


1.-Why Persist in Prayer?{Read v 1,2, 3 13-14}
A.- Preventative- Its a Preventative to Losing heart- {v 1}
B.- Promise- The Promise of His Return – {v 3,18}
C.- Prayers Answered. He Answers Prayers – {v 13-14}

2.- Why Is He Coming Again? {Read v 3}
D.- Returning For You. To Come and Get You and bring you Home! –  And have you spend eternity with Him in His Presence!


1.- A Preventative from losing heart.

2.- A Promise of His return.

3.- The Promise of His answering your prayers.

4. – A Promise of His coming to take you Home, to be with Him forever, never to be separated.


Fuel your thoughts of faith on Him and reasons to persist today in persistent prayer! Meditate upon Him and His Word

  • LOOK UP AND READ THE ABOVE VERSES and allow The Holy Spirit to strengthen your faith as He Ministers Truth to and through you and encourages you to persist in believing prayer.
  •  MEMORIZE and MEDITATE upon His Word.Why? The Holy Spirit uses His Word to strengthen your faith and clarify your focus. -{Read Acts 20:32}
  • BE READY to share the Hope within you and WHY others too can PERSIST in Prayer…
  • BE PERSISTENT AND PRAY ON…Jesus Is Coming Again!

Don’t Forget To Remember What Jesus Has Said…