They were amazed by Jesus’ teaching, acknowledged His wisdom and miracles, and yet were offended by Him!

Why? he left Nazareth a carpenter and now returns a Miracle worker with a Message that they were amazed by. And He even behaved like He was a Rabbi, having His own …disciples, followers!

So when they say “Is this not the carpenter” it was not a compliment but a put-down! He had no Theological training, was not a known disciple of a famous Rabbi, and besides they knew His family. When they said,

“Is this not the Son of Mary,” also an insult, “This also was not a compliment. “The additional phrase ‘the son of Mary’ is probably disparaging. It was contrary to Jewish usage to describe a man as the son of his mother, even when she was a widow, except in insulting terms. Rumors to the effect that Jesus was illegitimate appear to have circulated in his own lifetime and may lie behind this reference as well.” (Lane). The way in those times to show respect was to say as in Luke 4:22 “Is this not Joseph’s Son?” In those times in that society you referred to the person as “the Son of the Father!”

They knew His family,  Mary, and those brothers and sisters who grew up with Him. They had the evidence of miracles and message, but their minds were made up “…they took offense at Him!”– {v1-3}

Jesus responded that a prophet is not welcome in his hometown, among relatives, or own household. and Jesus “…wondered at their unbelief,”- {v 6}. But it didn’t stop him or cause Him to quit. He continued “…going around the villages TEACHING.” -{v 6}.

What lessons can we learn from verses 1-6?

DON’T BE SURPRISED! Expect opposition and rejection, sometimes from your community, family, and those familiar with you. Don’t quit! Don’t yield to despair and seek their approval at the expense of compromising the truth about Jesus and His Word!. Continue living for CHRIST and sharing His Word.

Jesus sent the twelve out with PURPOSE;

And He summoned the twelve and began to send them out in pairs, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits…And they went out and preached that people are to repent.”-{v 7, 12}


  • They had God-given authority to overcome the demonic realm
  • They had a God- Given MESSAGE. To tell all people to “REPENT.” This is the message from Jesus that He preached while on earth, after His resurrection it was the message He commissioned the disciples with- {Luke 24:46-48}/ It was the message Peter preached on the day of Pentecost when 3000 were saved. -{Acts 2:37-38.} It was the message of the apostle Paul. -{Acts 20:21}. It is the message from hell-{Luke 16:30}. t”
  • It is the message from hell, heaven, and still the message today from Jesus for all people, but is often the NEGLECTED MESSAGE!
  • The LORD Jesus not only told them they would have authority over the demonic realm when they acted on His Word they saw what He said was true, “…And they were casting out many demons and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them.”-{v 13}. Jesus sent them out with authority over the unclean spirits and the MESSAGE oFf REPENTANCE for all to change their mind about Who God is, who they are, about sin, and what He says they are to do. A Change of mind that leads to a change of direction, priorities, and purposes of life!

God bless,