“Beginning with Moses and the prophets He revealed Himself in all the Scriptures.”-{Luke 24:27}.

Two of the disciple were walking home on the road to Emmaeus Jesus had been crucified. Their hopes were dashed. They had hoped He was the Savior, but the “evidence,” was against it, He had been crucified. No one ever came down off the cross. He had been buried. They were walking away from the place where it all went so”terribly wrong.” How often we can look at circumstances and can conclude, “there is no way, it is impossible. there is no hope.”Our hearts drop into despair. They were DESPONDENT. Had not Jesus said, He must die but on the third day he would rise again? On the third day He did what He said He would do. No man took His life, He voluntarily laid it down as the penalty for our sins and God raised Him from the dead on the third day as the proof He had accepted the offering! Think about it,  on the cross  people walked by hurling abuse at Him saying, If You be the Son of God and God takes pleasure in You, come down. SAVE YOURSELF. If He came down and saved Himself, we never could have been saved from the wrath of God. We never could have had our sins forgiven. He died for our sins that we would not die in our sins.

He did rise from the grave on the third day!!! He came alongside them. They didn’t know it was Him because somehow He had hidden his identity from them. Then having opened their minds to understand the scriptures, beginning with Moses and the prophets He began to reveal all the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures. They invited Him in and He took the bread and broke it and their eyes were opened. In those days only the master of the house would take the bread and break it but Jesus, being the Master of the Universe,Physical and Spiritual realm, took that honor and broke it and their eyes were opened. He instructed them from the word of God that they might see Jesus. When he explained the Scriptures and  revealed Himself from the Scriptures He caused their hearts to burn. Their response was to return Immediately several miles approximately back to Jerusalem to the place of the seeming defeat to declare the truth – HE IS RISEN!!!  They had “forgot” what He had said. Unbelief a result of what they saw happen to Him. They chose to look at the circumstances and not the Christ of Scripture who declared He would arise again. Yet, this glorious tenderness of the Living God,

He does not return to settle old scores, no, this wonderful sweet, Shepherd seeks out the two despondent men. How unlike me He is…


WHO WOULD YOU HAVE REVISITED, IF IT HAD BEEN YOU WHO AROSE FROM THE DEAD? Think about it, On Rising from the dead, He could have chosen to revisited those people who mocked Him. He COULD HAVE REVISITED THE MAN WHO Drove the spear into His side. He could have revisited those who nailed Him to the cross. He could have revisited those who sentenced Him to dead. Pilate, Herod. Who would you have “revisited?” Hmm, yep, like me , hopefully unlike me , you would not have been thinking ” I will show them who is back, now what do you all think!” Vengeance…would be my sinful thinking but the Lord Jesus? Well, He is so, so different isn’t He. Of all the ones He could have appeared to, He CHOSE to seek out and walk with two DESPONDENT MEN! He was not in a hurry for we read He w-a-l-k-e-d with them. He met them in their despondency with Himself. We read, he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures,”beginning with Moses and the prophets…” STOP HERE… He had a Bible lesson with them… he went back into “His -Story”and showed them  from the Scriptures Himself! “Beginning with Moses and the prophets He reveals Himself in ALL The Scriptures.” The Scriptures are about the redemptive story of this glorious God. Jesus reveals Himself in “ALL  the Scriptures.” He is the Theme. His promises, His  revelation to them from the Scripture…they pointed to Him. His coming, His death, His resurrection. What an encounter they had amidst their despondency which He says was a result of their unbelief! “Slow of heart” to believe all that the prophets had said!

He walked a little further with them and as yet He had not revealed Himself. It looked like He would pass by where they were staying. They invited Him to stay. At time to eat, the tradition was the “head ” of the house took the bread and broke it. JESUS TOOK IT and BROKE it. Why? He is the HEAD OF THE UNIVERSE. ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN GIVEN TO HIM IN HEAVEN AND EARTH AND UNDER THE EARTH.  At that stage He revealed who He was to them and then He was gone from their presence! As they spoke among themselves they said,“Did not our HEARTS BURN.”

What did Jesus use to reveal Himself? His Word! He took them through the Word and on disclosing themselves they spoke of THE BURNING HEART. When you come to the Scriptures look for the LORD JESUS. Look to Him. Ask Him to “open your mind to understand the Scriptures that He may reveal Himself! Some read it to get knowledge, some read it for principles, the burning heart is caused by the LORD JESUS revealing Himself. For He is the THEME of the Burning HEART! The Burning heart does not need classes on telling others about Him. The burning heart is not taken up with “is it convenient for us to go back tonight? It’s so late, let’s wait until tomorrow? What’s the rush anyhow?” This could have been their attitude, right? It’s not. We see they immediately got up and went all the way back irrespective of the dangers of the night. They wanted to get to  others to tell them JESUS IS ALIVE!