Daily Reading From The Gospel Of Luke-Day 3 – Luke 3 .

Below are some Observations… as we are introduced to John the Baptist … here is a short outline that may help you as you read. Consider

* John’s Ministry, – verses 2-6;

* John’s Message – verses 7- 20; and

* John’s Master- Jesus Christ- verses 22-38!

Overview and Observations of Luke 3;

1.-The political leaders of the day -(But the Day has come that One Greater is about to be Revealed. Their Creator and the Savior- Jesus Christ!)-verse 1

2.- JOHN’S MINISTRY; God gives a message to John who was in the wilderness. God can find you and raise you up to be His Messenger person- verse 2

3.- JOHN’S MESSAGE- repentance for the forgiveness of sins- 3-8

4.-JOHN CONFRONTS SIN- self righteousness – tells people to show evidence of repentance- verse 8


6.- PEOPLE TURN TO JOHN FOR ETERNAL ANSWERS-People ask John what should they do. John specifically tells them how and what to repent of -verses 10-14

7.- JOHN’S HUMILITY; he does not seek to take the glory but points away from himself to One to Come who is Greater and deserves all the glory!- Don’t steal God’s glory by making yourself out greater than Him!-,verses 15-16


9.- JOHN FEARLESSLY CONFRONTS HEROD specifically over his sin. And ends up in prison .- verses 19-20

John calls sin what it is- sin! To call it any other name is not beneficial to the sinner for we will look to call it anything other than what God calls it, such as a sickness, or temperament. Gender issue, cultural issue, But it is sin Jesus came to deliver us from sin’s penalty, and unto we call it sin we do ourselves or others no eternal good! And dishonor God! Also, understand Doing right -calling sin… sin, can end up you suffering for it. Herod at the moment of confrontation turned on the messenger and embraced his sin- you are not responsible for choices other people make!- verses 19-20

10.- THE TRINITY REVEALED- Jesus Baptized; Spirit descends. Father speaks from Heaven – verses 21-22


12.- THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS TRACED-the Promised Savior – verse 31-38



1.- The ministry and message of John the Babtist was chosen by God for his generation … as is yours and mine

2.- The PROBLEM is the same today- sin, of all types.

3.- The Message to be shared with sinners is to be REPENTANCE

4.- Not all will receive the message some people will turn on you!

5.- HUMILITY points to He who is greater than self- the Savior, the LORD Jesus.

6.- Don’t touch or take His Glory but Tell of His Glory!

7.- Thank God Jesus is the SOLUTION for the sinner!

CONFRONTING SIN- and calling it what God calls it is a great kindness to people when shared in love. Fot it is the beginning of liberty when owning our own sin and seeing Jesus the Savior as our solution! For sinners turning from self to the Savior Glorifies God!

Turning to Him in repentant faith, through submission and living under His authority Glorifies Him and sets the spiritually captive free!

CALLING PEOPLE TO REPENTANCE – is part of the message. Beware of those who don’t confront sin and call people to repentance. Repentance produces fruit. It is more than an affirmation of words but a change of direction, and motivation in a life. A process … but evidence of a changing life

You too have been entrusted with a MINISTRY, and His MESSAGE of Repentance. Is the Mastet’s message part of your message?

The goal is to point people to the MASTER – The LORD Jesus Christ!

Hope this may encourage you,

God bless,