“Finally, my brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord! It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you.”- {Phil 3:1.}


“Safeguard “- Is a Greek word “aphales” is taken from a verb meaning “to trip up, overthrow or cause to stumble.” Here the negative prefix (“a”) is added and thus describes “that which has stability and firmness so as NOT be easily tripped up or overthrown.”

We can often be like a boxer in a defensive position, on the ropes, taking a hammering, when you have the power to not only fight back but to win. Your victory in the spiritual realm, is in who you are in Him, and what He has given us as a weapon for the fight is “rejoicing in the LORD.” To choose to “rejoice in the LORD, “when you don’t feel like it, is to fight against…your  ever changing“feelings,” or “unfavorable circumstances,” which at times are “down,” and will trip you up, and cause instability…, to spiritually trip you up…is a certainty, when we choose to refuse to obey the command to “Rejoice in the Lord.” Note, you cannot command an emotion and this is not what he is saying and we often misinterpret it. He is commanding a choice of the will, empowered by God who works in us both to desire and the ability to do for His pleasure -{Read Phil 2:13}. “The LORD,”-He is the Focus. His Word. Read Philippians, and underline where He is mentioned and make a list of reasons to know Him better and to “rejoice” in Him. Then PRAY  and PRAISE your findings back to Him and thus have “fuel” for your rejoicing in the LORD!

Circumstances are temporal, and ever changing. God is Unchanging, “I the LORD Do Not Change.”-{Malachi 3:6} He is eternal!  Your salvation because of Him is eternal, “Rejoice in the LORD.” Situations change but NOT the Savior and who He you are positionally “In Christ!” Focus your THINKING on Him and not your feelings, which are ever changing. Focus on His faithfulness, your future which is secure with Him! Focus on HIM, His Person, His Promises, His Character, His Sovereignty, His harvest, your opportunities to pray and serve others. “Rejoice in the LORD!’. He does not say “Rejoice ” in your difficulties, pain, but “IN THE LORD!” To do so we have to have  Proper thoughts about “The LORD!” His Word reveals Him. ” Then Jesus took them through the writings of Moses and all the prophets, explaining from all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.”– {Luke 24:27}. Read Philippians and mark each verse , chapter, with what it reveals about Him, and then Praise Him for who he is revealed as. For example in chapter one verse eight, “I long for you with the AFFECTION of Christ Jesus.” Jesus is Affectionate, “REJOICE in THE LORD who is Affectionate!”


Imagine you are walking along and you see several rocks and potholes along the path, and you choose to ignore them and trip over a stone, stumble into a pothole and twist your ankle. Who’s fault is it? You chose to ignore what you knew, and paid for it. So in the spiritual realm, there is power for you to live, and to choose to ignore and apply God’s wisdom for you, will end up in tripping you up and overthrowing you spiritually, in the potholes of anxiety, despair, fears, circumstances dictating to you and dominating you!. The good, Godly news is, you do not have to be overthrown or trip up. God has given His provision, His Word to inform you. His Spirit to empower you. You “Rejoice in the LORD …It IS a SAFEGUARD for you.” Is God lying to you? When you have refused to rejoice in the LORD, He not only is dishonored, because we deem Him untrustworthy, by refusing to obey Him, but we stumble and are unstable spiritually, has been the reality for us. “Rejoice in the LORD…IT IS a Safeguard for you.” It takes faith in Him to choose to rejoice. To  do what you may not “feel” like doing. To refuse to do so is setting yourself up to be tripped up, and be overthrown! Why would you or I do that? It’s crazy! The issue is faith in self or reliance, trust in the LORD. What choices have you made in the past? How did it work out for you? What does the LORD tell you and me to do from this verse?



THINK on HIM. Read about Him. Meditate upon Him. TRUST in Him. Talk to yourself the truth. We are so prone to “listen” to every “thought” that comes to our mind and often the thoughts of fear, anxiety, despair are allowed not only in the door but to take over our thinking, influence our minds, emotions and will. It is not good. We all have been there. But here is the reality, we allow it! We choose to do so! “It was for freedom Christ has set us free never again to be enyoked to a bond of slavery”{Gal 5:1.} Do the thoughts that come seek to put you back  in bondage thinking, or freedom In Christ? Now is the time to set our thinking on things above and on truth. {Col 3:1-3; Phil 4:8.}

Think on Him.

  • His Joy Strengthens.{Neh 8:10.}
  • His Joy Satisfies.{John 15:111.}
  • His Joy is a Protection- A Safeguard! { Phil 3:1}

Time to choose to TRUST the LORD who is trustworthy. Trust His Word. Choose to “Rejoice in The LORD!’ Choose to because you have the power to, and He is worthy of your focus and praise! In His Love He has supplied the way to spiritual stability, and the means, by faith YOU can apply, and choose to “Rejoice in the LORD…”


Memorize the verse. Place on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you or place in a prominent position like a bathroom mirror where you can read it and memorize, mediate upon it and apply. If you place the word in you, the Holy Spirit can remind you when you forget or when you need to be reminded to exercise your faith and delight, rejoice In The Lord and in doing so, He is honored and you are using His means to keep you spiritually secure. PRAY and encourage yourself with His Word and also PRAY and SHARE . From prison Paul wrote, reaching out to  the believers informing them of God’s provision, such was his love and focus not inward but outward, to benefit others. You too can do likewise. PRAY AND SHARE with others that they may not trip up or be overcome, but overcome and live spiritually secure and maturing as they too choose to Rejoice in the Lord…it is a safeguard for them too! You can. You are responsible. Remember…

Rejoicing in the LORD – Is A COMMAND

Rejoicing IN The Lord- Is not  a stop, start, occasional, but to be a  CONTINUOUS habit of your Life!

Rejoicing in the LORD – Is A CHOICE of LOVE for Him {based on John 14:21}

Rejoicing in the LORD – IS A “SAFEGUARD” for you and all His people who apply His Word!

Rejoicing in the LORD – Is a Preservative for you from tripping up into  error, spiritual instability, despair!

“In The LORD,” is the sphere of our delighting, Rejoicing, In A Person! All Whom He is!Get To Know Him. Hide His WORD IN YOUR HEART, MEDITATE UPON HIM, Pray to know Him better and rejoice in Him as revealed in His Word and as He has made Himself known to you. “Remember The Lord who is Great And Awesome…”-{Neh 4:14}… “Rejoice in the LORD…”