A Day in the Life of our Lord -Mk 1:1-

He had been preaching, healing, delivering from demons. And the Bible says “at a great while before dawn” He arose . Fellowship with His Father was more important than sleep, ministry. After three years of observing His miracles, the disciples asked “teach us to pray”. The first thing Heaven says about Saul who became Paul was “He prays”. Prayer was the central thing in our Lord’s life. Before He chose the twelve, He went up to the mountain  to pray. Before He was to experience Calvary He went to Gethsemane and Prayed. On the Cross in His agony while He was Incapacitated He prayed.  Stephen being stoned Prayed. Paul in terrible circumstances in a filthy Roman prison Prayed. Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 2 that the first thing men are to do is to Pray and its usually the last thing we do Why? Because fellowship with the Father is not the Priority of our lives.

“Daddy,” Noah, one of our little boys said, “People are dieing and going to Hell now” was his comment one night to me. This country is on its way to Hell… Why? Surely it cannot be from a lack of activity and programs. We have programs but no Power . Why could the disciples not cast out the demon? Jesus said “this kind only comes out by Prayer….”. They were powerless because they were Prayerless! A lot of the failure in our lives individually and corporately can be traced back to “Prayerlessness.” And this because we are so self sufficient we feel and do not see the need to pray until some crisis beyond us comes into our lives. Indeed prayer is part time often because He has been displaced, relegated in our affection and mind.

We have more Radio and TV ministries than ever before yet this country is on  its  way to Hell, Why? Because we are Powerless. How powerful is Prayer? God looked for a “man to stand in the Gap” and could not find one! If He had found one it would have stayed judgment but there was none to be found. How powerful is Prayer “One man who was morally fit to stand before God shut up the Heavens for three years. How Powerful is Prayer? “If you ask anything in My Name that will I do, that the Father may be Glorified.” Here we have the Power, Promise and Purpose of Prayer all in this verse. God Promises if the conditions are met, His Power will be evident, that His Purpose which is the Glory of God may happen!

To be with Him. Jesus demonstrated this by carving out time to be with His Father. The desire of one who loves is to be alone in the presence of the one they love for as Long as possible- uninterrupted, yet to have no desire  to be with Him or for Him, or His Word, we deceive ourselves. There is nothing ‘magical’ about having  what people call “a quiet time,” as though somehow it makes us more “spiritual” if we do, or we can use as a “merit” to cash in with God when times come and we use it to appeal to Him why we should not have difficulties or experience suffering. We can have so many wrong concepts about having a ‘quiet time’ like I said from believing we are more “spiritual” if we do and can check of our ‘to do list” for that day and forget it is not something to do but Someone to meet with!   Or the sense, though perhaps unspoken but the sense that by having a quiet time we are spiritually ‘superior’ to others when we find they don’t or do not have as long “a quiet time” as we do. It is so, so wrong that sort of thinking. It is pride, sin, self centered arrogance and needs to be repented of. No, the reason to have some time alone is simple. It helps us have uninterrupted time to think, meditate, read His Word and talk to Him and listen to Him from His Word. We get alone so we can have time ..alone! Alone from having to interact with others, answer questions, help them out. it is just some time carved out to be able to concentrate on the LORD and relate to Him things on our heart.

One practical reason for having it early in the morning before work, school or your day begins is it is the only time you may find that day as things, life is so so busy for so many. No, there is no magical thing or spiritual “merit ‘ to be gained by getting up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. It is just for some practical in light of the full commitments of a day! And let me just say this if you are getting up in the middle of the night or early morning to have a “quiet time” and  as a result of seep deprivation being irritable with people during the day, then change the TIME. You are not a slave to a time as though that is your ‘time slot” and the only time God can meet with you! You are not a ‘slave” to a specific time but you are a love slave of Jesus Christ and called to represent Him in loving others.

We get alone to spend time with Him who loves us and we just want to have some time with Him and to be able to share our thoughts with Him, ascribe our thanks to Him ask His help and find out what He says in His Word to help us to obey and be reminded of what IS His way, will, promises for us in life’s situations. Some people get caught up at what “time” you have your ‘quiet time,’ as though to get up early in the morning is of more spiritual prominence than to have some time alone in the middle of the day or evening with the LORD. It is to miss the point, it is not where or when but with WHOM you want to spend time with! Thank God we are not confined to a time or a place to meet with Him but through His blood we have unlimited access to Him and can speak to Him wherever we are. How more gracious is He than we are or we make Him out to be.

In truth many a “quiet time” is anything but quiet as all kinds of thoughts flood our mind, but ti be there to spend with Him and to take time to tell Him how wonderful He is and ascribe worth to Him is an act of faith not an act of feelings. Some people can have had a quiet time and talk how wonderful it was while others can feel terrible because of the  thoughts  that were coming, bombarding them and their thoughts were all over the place and  they can wrongly feel something is wrong with them as they compare themselves to someone else’s experience. That’s the problem. Comparing yourself to someone else.It’s not as thought the evil one says ‘time out’ leave him or her alone they are going to have a ‘quiet time’ seeking to read God;s Word, praise Him… have some respect leave them alone!” No, he is full of hatred towards God and those whom He has created and those who are His through redemption. Of course you can expect to be opposed but don’t go by what you feel but by the face He is present as He is in every place and share your heart with Him. Don’t be take up with the time or place you are having a quiet time but why you are and with whom you are having it with…HIM!

Jesus teaches us no matter how busy He was He made time to have time of fellowship with His Father.

Bible studies have taken the place of Prayer meetings, where is relegated.  His WORD IS TO SHAPE AND RENEW OUR THINKING TO ALLIGN up with our knowledge and understanding of Him, His Will, desires, and ways so we can align our thinking , prayers and faith up with His Word to govern and guide us.

In some cases it is not more information that is needed but men and women who “will stand in the gap,” who are morally fit – and Pray if this nation and our churches as well as our own lives is to be turned around. Politics is not the answer, but the Spirit of God magnifying the Son of God in the midst, and this He does when He finds someone morally fit to stand in the Gap… This does not mean we check out Bible studies as that is dangerous as we know who God is what He is like requires and what we have ‘in Christ” as revealed in His Word otherwise we would end up making Him out to be like us! We need His WORD TO reshape our thinking so we think right according to His Word and renew our mind. His WORD can guide and frame our praying according to His will for His glory. His Word and prayer are important and compliment each other when both applied.

David Livingston died on His knees communing with His Father- praying. The Priority of His Life was Fellowship with His Father. The person who loves God will be found spending time and making time for their God. Our need today is not more information but application to the Word of God ..and to be in the place morally -to intercede for God’s glory…the need is morally fit individuals who will …Pray. And it will only happen when Fellowship with the Father exceeds all other loves. Is the delight, desire and doing of your life, Fellowship with the Father…if not why not?….

What can we learn from the life of Jesus? – Prayer proceeds everything! -{1 Tim 2:1}

Keep first things first- Fellowship with the Father takes precedence Mk 1:35

1.Find a time and a place to meet with Him. Whitfield each night would arise and excuse Himself at 10 pm if he had company, his reason being he had an “early appointment.” His appointment was with his God and this took precedence. For some people early morning may not be the best time. I have a friend who would chose the evening time to meet with the Lord…. It all boils down to choices! You choose to be and seek out the one you love! Who is the one who Prays but the desperate, dependent,devoted one..The self-sufficient don’t pray,the self-centered cant pray.Do you Pray? Who are you presently standing in the gap for?

2. Aloneness with God is to be chosen – Mt 6:6. We can pray anywhere, anytime . as we have access to Him. We can pray “without ceasing,” the term was used of a “hacking cough,” that has regular interruptions. We too, can Shoot up prayers to Him when ever a thought comes to mind of a person, situation. Throughout the day regularly offering praise, prayers, thanks , confession to HIM! We can be alone with Him in a room, or when going for a walk. t is to shut ll others out and be with Him. Like our LORD  who came apart by Himself to talk to His Heavenly FATHER we too can do likewise.

3. His Person is to be your Pre-Occupation. This can be done as you Focus on His attributes. One way of doing so is to go through the Psalms and underline who He reveals Himself as to the Psalmist and personalize it, and praise Him. As you read look in the Scripture of truths that reveal Him as motivation to ascribe worth to Him, adore, praise and thank Him.A.W. Pink’s “Attributes of God” by …is a  good “tool,” in meditating and primers for worship of our Lord. His Character is to be focused on  -Mat 6:9

4. Worship of Him is to be Pre-eminent Mt 6:9

5. His Kingdom is to be your Priority; Matt 6:6. His will being done is to be your Purpose in coming.

6. Proceed to the needs of others -Matt 6:11-13.

       The First three Petitions are concerned with God the Fathers’ Name being Hallowed, His Kingdom, His will being done and this is to be the Pattern for our prayers- to focus on what He lays out for us here

The interesting fact about our Lord’s Pattern in Prayer is “I” “me” or “mine” never appears ! It is “us” and “our.” We are to be concerned about the needs of others as we come to pray. True, we are included but we must not forget the needs of our brothers and sisters to the exclusion of our own interests.