I’ve been working through a chapter a day reading the Gospel of Mark, which begins with these words,”The beginning of the [facts regarding the] good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God”-( Mark 1:1 Amplified Bible)

If you put Mark 1:1 at the top of each chapter and read with it in mind and ask WHAT IS THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST IN THIS CHAPTER?”

Here are some notes I’ve scribbled down that I hope will encourage you..,

On three different occasions Jesus had told the disciples that He would be handed over to the religious leaders and He would be tried and crucified… but on the third day would rise again!

Here, in Mark 14 we see His prophecy come true. (He would fulfill it completely when He arose from the dead!)

Everybody has an OPINION about Jesus- What Worth Jesus?


The religious were threatened by His exposing their sin of hypocrisy and their OPINION and solution? Have Him killed!


The woman who broke the alabaster jar of perfume over Him…. In today’s value one writer said it was worth between $25,000-30,000. Her OPINION of Jesus? She showed her OPINION of Jesus through her act of devotion and loving sacrifice as INESTIMABLE!


Judas said it was such a waste. That was His OPINION. He said that It could have been given to the poor. Sounds good, but to do such an act of love for Jesus in His OPINION was a “Waste!” He sold Him out for some pitiful amount of money and BETRAYED Jesus. His OPINION of what the woman did in serving Jesu was tha tit was a “Waste,” and His value of Jesus and OPINION of Him that He too was a WASTE… and so when he could get something out of Him, He sold Him out and BETRAYED Him!


Jesus gave His OPINION in defending her and saying what she did would be remembered wherever the Gospel was preached. He valued her and the love she showed to Him!


Peter had made a great statement of commmitmrnt to Jesus, he was ready to go to prison due if necessary to die for Jesus but when the pressure of the cruel event came about and Jesus was arrested and when he was confronted of being with Jesus, he denied he even knew Him.He revealed his OPINION and value of Jesus through denying and departing, separating himself from Jesus not because he did not love Jesus but because he loved himself a little more! His actions and that of the other disciples who also left Jesus and fled revealed his and their OPINION of Jesus at that moment – not worthy of loyalty


What Jesus had predicted was being fulfilled and the plan of God was being worked out.

The priests, scribes, people, government were not in control. God was… working out His plan to redeem a lost and dying world , separated from God because of their sin and the wrath of God was on them. And the One on trial was the One who came to save them from the Eternal Judge who would judge righteously all people one day!

* God is ALWAYS in control when at times it seems ALL is out of control!

* God’s PROVIDENCE Is Being Worked Out Presently…

* Everyone has an OPINION about Jesus

* What Is Your and my OPINION Of Jesus. What Do your And my Lips and Life Say?

* And Jesus has an OPINION about all people including you, and me!

* “What is the Good News about Jesus Christ in this chapter?”

He was not turned aside from The Father’s will though He asked if there was another way….

His commitment through the path of suffering did not deter Him such was His love for His Father and love for people to fufill the Father’s will and “…Because of the joy awaiting him, He endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now He is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne…”-{Hebrews 12:2-3}… for people like you and me!

God bless,