Below is a brief Outline to Try summarize the Chapter. Hope it encourages you. The outline can be extended to include more details. For example look at each subject mentioned and if there are various parts such as when He speaks on Prayer… The LORD Jesus includes believing and then forgiveness. So, under prayer you could have both of these rather than just the summation of Jesus speaks on Prayer. That is just an example how you could expand and keep in your notes so you could look back and see what the chapter is about. Try one yourself to help summarize or expand the chapter for your own encouragement and recall what are the main points of Mark 11 and to help others!

God bless



1.- JESUS Triumphant entry -(v1-9)

2.- JESUS Judges Unfruitful fig tree -(v10-14)

3.- JESUS Cleanses The Temple-(15-18)

4.- JESUS Instruction On Prayer; Believe, and Forgive. -( v19-26)

5.- JESUS Authority Questioned-(v 27-28)

6.- JESUS Answers with a Question And Exercises His Authority by shutting down Their Argument!-(v29-33).


Remember how Mark introduces the “THEME” of the Book in Mark 1:1-“The beginning of the [facts regarding the] good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” {Amplified Bible}.

  • The word “Gospel,” means “GOOD NEWS,” Who is the “good news” about? Is it the “good news” about Mark? No!  He tells us it is the “good news” about JESUS CHRIST, The Son of God!


If you were to  Use a Word or Sentence at most to summarize The “Good News” about Jesus Christ for this chapter what would you choose?

I would summarize with this sentence; “THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT… THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS!”  

  • AUTHORITY over the provision of colt -{v 1-6}; AUTHORITY over Fig tree; AUTORITY to Answer prayer; AUTHORITY to cleanse Temple; AUTHORITY not to be intimidated by religious leaders.

I would summarize with this sentence; “THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT… THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS!”  

May we see the Good News of Jesus Christ as we go through chapter by chapter reading the Gospel of Mark regarding Jesus Christ, the Son of God for our own soul and to share with others for their spiritual benefit to CONSIDER Jesus Good News and Submit Continually to Him, to Serve and Share Him and CELEBRATE- THE “GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST,” Recorded for us and preserved by God in the Gospel of Mark of the “Good News” of His Son, JESUS CHRIST!

God bless,