NEW MOTIVE –  “…ourselves your servants, For Jesus Sake”- {2 Cor 4:5}.

Love, seeks and chooses to serve others, expecting or seeking nothing in return, but their highest good. This new motive to Love is the supreme motive, and it is done “…For Jesus sake.” If  you seek to “love” so others may think highly of you, or “love” you back, then it is hay, wood ad stubble and will not pass the test of good works which God rewards. Also if you do it for selfish gain, when you are not loved back you will be temped to be resentful, bitter, but the problem is your or my motive is wrong. Indeed it is not true Biblical love, but a self seeking, selfish perverse “love,” devoid of unconditional, sacrificial love.  The Motive to Love others must be higher, holy, for Jesus sake ultimately, and for His Glory. His NAME. His Fame. “Let all you do, do for the glory of God” – 1 Cor 10;31. Note whose Glory we are to do all for. Not mine, not yours, but the Glory of God. We love, that God might be glorified! Jesus said,”Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. “- {Matt 5;16.}

The New Motive we have as His followers is a result of the New Birth and The Fruit of the Spirit is manifested in and through a life that is in submission to the Lord, His Word…, LOVE is what is produced, evident, not self-centered but Christ centered love! And the NEW MOTIVE for living is. LOVE For God, LOVE For Others!. This NEW MOTIVE is summed up, “…ourselves your servants,…” taking the low place to deny self in order to prefer others and doing this, “…  for ” which gives the explanation, namely, “…Jesus sake,” and ultimately, His “Glory.”

Loving others, is to be motivated to serve others for Jesus sake that He may receive the Glory!