And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? Then is the offense of the cross ceased – Galatians 5:11

THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST cuts across the, self-sufficiency, self-deception, self-reliance, smugness of a false, man centered “gospel” where it originates in the heart of wicked men and women, it is man centered, man birthed, and the cross of Christ is totally opposite to this heresy, for the CROSS OF CHRIST originated in the heart of GOD, is God birthed, and is sufficient to satisfy God.

1. THE CROSS OF CHRIST CUTS INTO the man centered, powerless, supernatural devoid power to make people right with God. The “man centered works orientated, graceless “gospel,” seeks to replace Christ alone as sufficient for salvation, by adding man’s way to the relegation of Christ as sufficient

2. THE CROSS OF CHRIST GUARANTEES PERSECUTION, for to go against man’s way and preach repentance of sin towards God and faith in Christ alone, makes people who hold to a “man centered gospel” uncomfortable. Uneasy because it cuts at the heart of the PRIDE of man who believes he is sufficient to get to Heaven by his human means to the exclusion of the work of Jesus Christ alone and see His cross as insufficient and indeed to those who are perishing the cross is foolishness. Those who preach Christ and Him crucified can expect opposition!

3. THE CROSS OF CHRIST DIVIDES. Those who believe embrace God’s way of atonement, redemption versus the “works salvation of man,” and so there is division, some professing the answer to the problem of man is education, or various other man made religions. The CROSS OF CHRIST DIVIDED- those who are for Christ and trust in His Work alone versus al others who oppose the work of Christ as sufficient.

4. THE CROSS OF CHRIST IS THE EVIDENCE of God’s retribution towards the sinfulness of sin and punishing Jesus as our Substitute. It enables us thorough the embracing of Jesus alone as Savior to save and Lord to rule over us grant forgiveness to sins where our sins are erased, where we are adopted into the family of God.

5. THE CROSS OF CHRIST is reason for the follower of Christ for reasons to BOAST/ GLORY in the Cross of Christ. “May it never be that I should glory except in the cross of Christ my Lord, the word is crucified unto me and I unto the world”-Gal 6 Paul said He gloried/ Boasted in the cross of Christ for the One who hung there, the Lord Jesus paid for his sin, satisfied the righteousness of God as He poured out His wrath on the Son who was his and your Advocate. He who knew no sin became sin that you might become the righteousness of God through Christ. God satisfied with the sacrifice of His Son and Paul never got over this love, sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and added that this worlds system and all it offered found nothing in Paul which they desired and Paul found nothing in this world that was of any value to him, because of the VALUE of the Cross of Christ to Paul. To Paul it was PERSONAL!

6. THE CROSS OF CHRIST IS OFFENSIVE to those who are perishing and to those who think lightly of the work of Christ and think MORE OF THE WORKS OF MAN and for those who preach the Christ and stand on the side of the LORD Jesus, Persecution is expected, and is normal as those who embrace man’s works and deny Christ’s works as insufficient oppose those who GLORY IN THE CROSS OF CHRIST- AS SUFFICIENT!

THE CROSS IS OFFENSIVE because it claims that the way to God is EXCLUSIVE and it is through Jesus Christ alone. The Cross is the Narrow way not the broad way of “many ways to God,” as some erroneously and to their destruction believe.


  • THINK on the Cross of Christ, the necessity of it
  • THINK of the Christ who voluntarily went to that cross as your substitute to pay for your sin
  • THINK about the cost of claiming the Cross will bring persecution and opposition
  • THINK on the Cross of Christ and choose to glory in the Cross of Christ your Lord


  • THANK God for the Cross


  • TRUST in the Christ of the Cross


  • TELL someone today of the Christ of the Cross and what it means and invite them to embrace Him or for those who know Him remind them to speak of ten of the CROSS OF CHRIST.