“having canceled the record of debt.”

“The word “canceled” means “erased!” Heaven had a record of your sins and mine, the Law found us guilty! Jesus canceled the debt – the I.O.U- we were incapable completely and irrevocably through His blood which alone was powerful to erase permanently and eternally! How much of your sin is now forgiven- “canceled,”erased? “ALL” There is no record of Heaven of any charge of sin against you that Jesus has not paid for and erased- NONE.

In days when a scribe wrote there was no acid in the ink so the ink sat on top of the surface of what was written on, it did not penetrate and so a poor scribe wishing to reuse the material again would simply get a wet cloth and would erase the ink from the surface- it was GONE- NO TRACE and he could re write on the surface again. JESUS CHRIST THROUGH HIS BLOOD PERMANENTLY ERASED ALL- not a few, or many, or most, but ALL your sin which the LAW of GOD pointed to which you were guilty of. And ALL your crimes against God were erased through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Well did Paul say, “God forbid that I should boast in anything except the cross of Christ….”

And as a result of the cross, Jesus “disarmed” which means stripped away- it was used of someone who defeated a foe and stripped away all their weapons from them….Jesus stripped away the weapons of satan from him so he no longer had authority over God’s people- none what so ever!!!!- {Read Col 2:15}