{From Romans 5:1–10}


The Bible teaches the life is in the blood. There is no more powerful blood than the Blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on Calvary as a sin offering to God on behalf of sinful people who were incapable of satisfying God’s perfect holy standard and righteousness. God raised Him from the dead three days later to show His approval of the sacrifice and that it was accepted so that men, women, boys and girls can be brought into a right relationship with Him. Sins completely, eternally erased. No record of sin ever held against them again! His blood cleanses from all unrighteousness. Praise God for such mercy extending to sinful, helpless, enemies, ungodly individuals. We did not seek Him. He sought us. He made the sending of His Son as His gift of love to know we are loved. He can be known and we can have a new relationship with God. A New standing in Grace. New Hope. To all who repent towards God and place their faith in Jesus Christ as LORD to be their Master and Savior to save, rescue deliver them from the penalty of sin, the wrath of God, the bondage of satan’s control. To these the power of His sacrifice is applied!

We see 8 Blessings of the Blood of Jesus Christ from this passage in Romans 5:1-10, that should humble us, inspire us to worship adore and serve Him in gratitude.

Consider these 8 Blessings to use as “fire for the fuel of your faith and worship” of Him in truth!

  1. We have PEACE with God – v1 
  2. We stand in GRACE. Our eternal standing is one of FULL ACCEPTANCE based on the Work of God on our behalf- v 2
  3. HOPE (He died for the Ungodly) – v6
  4. We are LOVED by GOD – v8
  5. We are JUSTIFIED– we are declared right by God. There are no offenses / sins recorded against us. Christ has paid the price and taken our penalty – v8
  6. SAVED FROM the WRATH of God – We are saved by God from God!!! – v9
  7. SAVED THROUGH the LIFE of Christ – v9
  8. RECONCILED to Godv10

Above are some of the blessings (consequences) given by God to all who come to Him through His dear Son who, through His BLOOD, has made peace through the Cross.

PEACE CAME THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. God has no alternative, all must come to God His Way, which is through the Blood of the Cross of Christ.

* THANK GOD there is HIS WAY for people like you and me whom, outside of His Son He describes as STUBBORN, UNREPENTANT, HELPLESS, UNGODLY SINNERS, and ENEMIES. It took the blood of the cross of Christ for us to have peace with God. He has done it. It is done. Peace with God is available to all who come His way. THANK God for his provision of peace through the blood of the cross of His Son

* THINK about the cost of peace with God.

* TELL someone God’s bad news
This is God’s view of them outside His Son. They are stubborn, have unrepentant hearts, and are helpless to save themselves. They are ungodly in their thinking, actions, speech, and motivations. They are sinners who have missed God’s standard of perfection of righteousness. They are, from God’s view, enemies because of their refusal to submit to His Son.

*TELL someone God’s good news
God has made provision for them and it is through “the Blood of the Cross.” Tell them about Jesus!!!

 The World’s Way Of Peace Is- A SYSTEM;

be it signing a treaty, or individually we avoid one another…. but this is not PEACE. It is a system, avoidance, a cessation but inwardly there is “NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED”

God’s Way of Peace is – A PERSON, THE SAVIOR; 

The world system who lives as though God does not exist and if He does He is not needed  or relevant. God’s Alternative to bring lasting eternal peace is through His Son- Peace comes Through the PERSON- JESUS CHRIST;

  • GOD’S WAY IS – THE SAVIOR- A PERSON-Jesus Christ the LORD!

Where do  you seek Peace in the world’s system or in God’s Provision- His Son


READ AGAIN the above 8 Blessings through the Blood of the LORD JESUS…. and PRAISE HIM for each Benefit that is yours because of His life laid down for you. His embracing the penalty of your sins. He died for your sins that you might not die in your sins. Amazing Graciousness of God!