“In the pride of their hearts, they want to find something of self to rejoice in; yielding to a spirit of legality, they look for happiness in their own experi­ences or attainments. But that is to miss the substance and chase the shadows. As it is with our natural eyes, so with our spiritual: they are designed to look at external objects and not internal ones, “Rejoice in the Lord”, and that “always,” (Phil. 4:4 ) is the delightful task which faith is to engage in. All real happiness is bound up in Him. Every other joy but that which issues from fel­lowship with the Lord is but a counterfeit one. That is sensual, as the rich fool’s “Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry,” (Luke 12:19); this is spiritual. The one is superficial and temporary; the other solid and lasting. The former comforts only in health and during a season of prosperity; whereas the latter sustains upon a bed of pain, cheers the soul in times of affliction, yea, enables its pos­sessor to exult at the prospect of death.

Now this joy is not to be regarded as a luxury, but rather as a spiritual necessity. We are obligated to be glad in God. “- AW Pink.