YOU keep track of all my sorrows YOU have collected all my tears in your bottle. YOU have recorded each one in your book. – Psalm 56:8

“I have no more tears left to cry,” a man once told me concerning his broken heart over a wayward child. His job included a lot of travel traveled and many nights alone in a hotel bedroom on his knees by his bed, he prayed and cried and wept from a broken heart to the LORD. He had cried and cried and emotionally exhausted over time had shared these words with me, “I have no more tears left to cry.”

David had been chased, hounded, and hunted down like an animal by Saul whose goal was to kill David. He had been hounded and finally we see him in psalm 58:8 these words.” You have bottled ALL my tears.” Not a tear had fallen, not a place unknown or unseen by God of the floods of tears, the hurts and reasons behind them that have caused such pain that He has not compassionately known and cared about, both for David and centuries later for this brokenhearted dad.

BOTTLED TEARS; I recently read of two glass urns found side by side from the Roman times, one contained the ashes of a person the other of water- the tears of friends for their loved one who had passed. They had allowed their tears to fall into the bottle and eventually they were sealed and placed beside the ashes of the deceased.  The bottling of tears as a memorial. What a picture of empathy, deep feelings for their friend. David uses a picture for us to illustrate how compassionate and what comfort God imparted to him that he would say ALL of my tears are known by God and ALL of them are preserved and kept by God! So precious are you to God that, not only does God know the numbers of hairs upon your head, He also knows where they are if they have fallen out. He knows your tears, how many of them, the source of them and ALL of them are kept by God – so great and precious are you to Him! Jesus wept uncontrollably, He knows pain and sorrow… He was a man acquainted with sorrow and grief. We read in Hebrews 4 He is a Great High Priest who even now, as Lord who is adored and worshiped and yet the crescendo of praise that echoes in Heaven does not stop Him from empathizing with you, or the brokenhearted dad, for the word, “empathy” means “to feel the very feelings.” He is not indifferent but oh what a tender Shepherd of our souls He is… you never, ever cry alone! He is present with you, not with hardness but tenderness and full of compassion for you. For the dear brokenhearted dad He was there with Him. He is the lifter up of our head when we feel we cannot lift it one more time, we think we cannot go one more step, the burdens that weigh us down we read, “Blessed be the LORD who daily bears our burdens.” We can role our burdens upon Him and know He cares. He knows where you have cried, how many tears, what caused your pain, hurt, sorrow and so precious are you that He has bottled them up, preserved them , “Oh how He loves you and me” the song goes… The wonderful TRUTH, there is a,” But God…” who has the final say, one day He Himself will end all the sorrow and the cause of your tears, the mightiest of Angels are not sufficient, compassionate enough or up to the job,” But God…” He Himself will PERSONALLY wipe away every tear and its source of pain from you.

  • Know how precious you are to Him

  • Know how intimately acquainted God is with you!

  • Know God!

Look at the Hope from GOD, in each of these verses of people in pain and tears…

A. – YOU keep track of all my sorrows, YOU have collected all my tears in your bottle. YOU have recorded each one in your book.”- Psalm 56:8

B. –  “Those who sow in tears SHALL REAP with shouts of joy!” – Psalm 126:5 Note – Who wipes away the tears in this verse- GOD. There is always a “But God…” who has the final say to every hurt, your every tear. Take courage dear friend, your tears are not the ultimate end, “But God…” will end your tears, trials one glorious day with Himself!

C.-  “For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and GOD WILL WIPE away EVERY TEAR from their eyes.” – Revelation 7:17-

D. –  Jesus your Superior High Priest is presently praying for you and “empathizes” with you -Hebrews 4:15, which means “He feels the very feelings you feel.” And one day you will cry no more, for He Himself will personally wipe away ALL YOUR TEARS!

How precious are your tears to Him who loves you that David would give us such a graphic picture that He should know each one and keep each one! For the heartbroken dad, there was hope in his pain, God had seen, God valued and loved him, and ALL his tears were known by God and safe within the heart of God!

YOUR TEARS ARE SAFE WITH GOD. Your tears are safe with God, known by God, and one day ALL of your tears and the source of your sorrows will be wiped away, swallowed up in the sweet and Healing presence of Jesus Christ never again to trouble you or cause you to cry. “ALL” of your tears as is your heart safe with God! His love will wipe them all away and forever to bask in the presence of Him who loves you best!

Tough times? Tearful times? The battle is for your mind and your faith in God. Tough times and trials are not an evidence of God abandoning you, for He cannot do this nor will He ever -Heb 13:5. Tough times and tearful times are part of living in a fallen world, but the day is coming when we shall see Him as He is and we will forever bask in the love of Christ…never again to be touched by pain… In our tough times He knows and cares for you, He knows what it is to weep…Jesus knows what it is to experience heartache. Drawing closer to Him, allowing Him to minister to you and often tenderizing us to the needs of others can often be developed though our tough times.- 2 Cor 1:3-4.

Life can be painful, such is the world we live in, But You are not alone in your pain. The Man of Sorrows acquainted with Grief understands. As Your Great High Priest He empathizes and intercedes for you and bids you come expectantly, confidently to receive from Him at His Throne of Grace where He now sits and reigns, that you might receive mercy and grace to HELP in time of Need. Come and receive by faith from Him who understands and cares for you.{ Hebrews 4:15-16}

TURN TO JESUS in tough times, not away.. Sometimes the tendency can be to panic, look away from the One who can sustain and seek sustenance, comfort and spiritual stability outside of the reservoirs of blessings and promises found in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.-Heb 12:2, 2 Peter 1:3-4 .

THINK on your future with Jesus Christ. Your future is glorious, eternity with Jesus Christ. In Ephesians 2 it says He will lavish His grace- kindness on  you for all eternity. Never an unkind word, thought by you or towards you there. As oxygen is to this earth. The love, and kindness of Jesus Christ is the atmosphere of Heaven, – Col 3:1-3 ;1 John 3:1-2 .

TRUST Jesus Christ in the present moment.. He is trustworthy, consider His cross –Prov 3:5-6 ;1 Cor 1:9 .

THANKS – SHOWER HIM WITH THANKS, that through His death and resurrection, The day of NO MORE TEARS is comingJESUS CHRIST HAS SEEN TO THAT… AND WILL SEE TO Glorious Day…the end of your every tear, sorrow and pain – there is a Glorious “BUT GOD…” for you!