“THE LORD IS FAITHFUL…”- {2 Thess 3:3-5}

The Nature of the LORD is revealed in this passage as “Faithful.” The way it is written grammatically is “Faithful” is first in the sentence for emphasis, and in contrast to the faithless in verse 2. “Faithful is the LORD…” {Pistos}, also means “Trustworthy.” He is trustworthy, reliable, for you to continue trusting Him even in the face of opposition, trials, troubles, difficulties.
Consider, He is…
1.- Faithful To Strengthen you Inwardly -v3
2.- Faithful To Protect from the evil one- v3
3.- Faithful To Continually Work Obedience in and through you- v4
4.- Faithful To Direct your heart into a full understanding and expression of His Love- v5
5.- Faithful To Produce Patient Endurance in you to continually press on in the face of opposition -v5
We can continually TRUST Him who is Faithful to His Promises and in Performing His will having All Power and wisdom to do so, And He is intimately, lovingly, wisely, personally involved in your life to benefit you, OTHERS, for His glory, and honor!
You can be Confident in the LORD! Look again at the 5 points to consider from the above verses referenced. Can you remember when you have experienced each of these? Thank Him and let it be “fuel” for your faith to Trust Him again and again... Know He is faithful to help you again.
Remember, “FAITHFUL, Reliable, Is The LORD…” You keep trusting Him because He is trustworthy. You keep relying upon Him because He is Reliable. You keep placing your faith in Him because …”FAITHFUL IS THE LORD!” Celebrate Him and continually think on Him and this truth. Thank Him and deposit your Trust in Him, who is…FAITHFUL…!”