Sometimes God Delivers FROM A Trial-

“….Persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord DELIVERED me.” -2 Tim 3:11

Sometimes God Sustains IN A Trial…

“…Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” -2 Cor 12:8-9

…Paul Experienced Both of these aspects DELIVERANCE FROM and SUSTAINING IN…of God’s intimate involvement in His life…Either Way, It is HIS Prerogative and HE Who Can and Does DELIVER FROM or… SUSTAINS IN… IS TO BE…TRUSTED and PRAISED!

We tend to think falsely if God does not Deliver FROM, then something is wrong.. not necessarily so… Paul’s weakness was the backdrop to him KNOWING AND showing FORTH THE SUFFICIENT GRACE Of the LORD.

We tend to “Demand” that God behaves in a certain way and does things the way we “perceive” should be done. We treat Him as though He exists to serve us and forget He is God and we are His to serve Him…in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in… God is Good whether He Delivers FROM.. Or chooses to Sustain us IN the circumstances we find ourselves in…Are you at Peace with Him being God ?

We may have PREFERENCES of what way we would like HIM to do something, namely DELIVERANCE FROM…But the PRIORITY is “not My will but Your will be Done… Father Glorify Your Name…” and if He chooses to NOT “DELIVER FROM” but to…”SUSTAIN IN…’ as the best way to Glorify Him, then surely we can submit to Him and also not seek to “play God” if He chooses not to deliver another but look and see Him making a man, woman, boy, girl of faith and love, whose Grace He imparts to “SUSTAIN” them In Difficulties… and in His own counsel, unknown to us perhaps this side of eternity HE IS BEING… GLORIFIED…

LOOK AGAIN at the two verses 2 Tim 3:11- GOD… DELIVERED FROM …and 2 COR 12:8-9 God… SUSTAINED Paul IN… These two aspects of God’s Intimate involvement in the lives of His people can be seen in Scripture…

Note, Paul on both occasions
1.- TESTIFIED – of GOD who Delivered FROM and when He Sustained him IN! Sometimes it appears we only want to Testify if He delivers From as though any other thing is a shameful or suspicious thing … And the accusations “why would God not deliver from…” We fail to see God as God. We fail to let God be God in our thinking … And that is often the problem, our “thinking” is not Scriptural!! I love the verse in Hebrews 11 of those who while suffering as opposed to those who had the dead raised seemed to the natural eye lacked faith “BUT GOD…” Says “…all of these gained approval through their faith!” Some were “Delivered FROM … Others Sustained IN …” But equally receive God’s Seal Of Approval for their faith. We often look on the outward and conclude wrongly if we do not see a “Deliverance FROM” whether it be for ourselves or someone else going through difficulties, that something is wrong with God…our faith or that of others. “But God…” God looks on the inner person …He sees the heart, He knows the difficulties, He is “working all things out for good to those who love God,”{Rom 8:28-29) and  though it may not feel good, look good, but He promises and He never has nor will break a promise!

Have You Ever Thought That Your being “Sustained IN” Your Trials and Difficulties is as great an Evidence and Glory to Him as if He Delivered you or others “FROM”  Your Or Their Trials And Difficulties!

2. TRUSTING –  IN GOD– Paul had plead three ties to remove the Painful “Thorn” Why Would God not do so? Surely, Paul could have turned away, indeed he could have if he was following the LORD for what He could do for him, rather than following Him for Who He is!! But he saw it was for his “good,”namely the passage teaches to keep from spiritual pride, experience sufficient grace and in his weakness know he was a candidate for the power of God through his weakness , and as he chose to Trust Him! His Perspective did not change his pain but it did elevate his understanding of God! -{2 Cor 12:7-12}

3.- BOASTING- ABOUT GOD Paul “‘Gloried” in his weakness because he knew the sufficient moment by moment grace of the LORD and His Power… and so He “Gloried’. Information led to Exaltation of Him who Chose not to Deliver FROM.. But SUSTAIN IN…-(2 Cor 12:9-11}

NEXT TIME REMEMBER- God chooses because He is God.. Sometimes to Deliver FROM… Sometimes to Sustain IN…

4.- SHARING – GOD’S WORD AND WAYS…. Encourage someone with these two truths ….To Not share Both Truths with an individual could lead to their  being tempted to yield to despair… of questioning “what is wrong with me.” {They as you nor I have to yield to temptation}. Thank God, He has both of these truths for us to see, so we may encourage ourselves and others, To TESTIFY… TRUST… GLORY.. IN HIM!

His Word IS a Lamp onto our feet and a Light onto our path for daily living and eternal perspective

” This is my comfort in my affliction Your Word refreshes my heart”-{Psalm 119:50}

A good verse to chew on, and rest in and celebrate Him says…

“Whatever the Lord pleases, He does,In heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps.”-{Psalm 135:6} – 🙂🙂