“My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.- {Psalm 73:26}

Coming to the place where we realize our own weakness and insufficiency and God’s strength as our sufficiency is a good, stabilizing place for us to come to!

Flesh – has to do with the body, in this verse, it is used figuratively of “physical power.” Heart – has to do with the “inner man, mind, will, heart.” the emotional. The “flesh and heart” describes body and soul. The whole person. Outward and inward! “FAILS” – means to be DEPLETED, to be exhausted, to be exhausted of Resources, run out, DEPLETED OF resources to handle problems and life. “My flesh and my heart may fail, BUT GOD is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” -{Psalm73:26}

The word “Strength,” in Hebrew is “rock;” the rock on which my heart relies; that is, my refuge, my defense…the Rock upon which he can rest on, rely upon! The support of his life!  The rock on which his heart relies! The idea is not just of strength but of a strong foundation. A sure foundation to build upon and rest in! When the heart is overwhelmed, with life’s troubles and difficulties, the Psalmist looks to God, for only God can meet and sustain the need of the heart. We need God Himself to meet us, sustain us, strengthen,  our sure and solid foundation, the support of our lives – “The strength of my heart is literally, “The rock of my heart!”

Here we can learn a good lesson, the Psalmist recognizes his own weakness and his strength is in God. So often we can come to the place where we recognize our weakness but we focus and focus and dwell on it and turning inward we spiral down into despair when we focus only on ourselves. For there is no hope in self, there is no comfort in self, there is no solution for the soul in self, for only that is found in God. “But God…” the Psalmist acknowledges his own weakness, “DEPLEATED” but sees where and Who His strength is found. His strength comes from and is found. in GOD!

The word used for “God” here is “Elohim” the word we find in Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning God-{Elohim…}. It speaks of Him as infinite, all-powerful who shows so by His Works, He is Creator, Sustainer, Supreme Judge. In Genesis 49:24 He is “God Almighty.” This is Whom the Psalmist speaks of!

Though his flesh fails…his faith Flourishes!

A little like Abraham who considered his own body and that of Sara’s and realized it was impossible to have a child as they were so old, but he believed God and “did not waver in unbelief but grew in faith giving glory to God.” -{Read Rom 4:20-21}. He did not end with himself, though he acknowledged his condition he ended with GOD! It is not to deny what is happening but it is not to end there for that will only lead to despair, But Look To Him!

These two wonderful words throw open the door of faith, “BUT GOD…”

Faith Flourishes where God is the Focus!

The Psalmist realized where he ran out, God poured in. God was his Strength and his Portion, and that…forever! There was a “BUT GOD…” for him as there is for you too in your predicament. Though his body and mind fail, God is his portion, provision forever!”potion” speaks of “inheritance, allotment, “God Himself is their inheritance, their hope! How wonderful to Have Him as your inheritance!

Where is your “BUT?”

So often instead of ending with “BUT GOD” we  end with “GOD BUT” We affirm the truth of Scripture, the character and promises of God, and instead of being encouraged and strengthened we often can pay lip service and say the right thing and end with “God BUT…” “But what about this?… But what about them… BUT  What about if this happens…” We have our “But” in one of two places, “BUT GOD” or “GOD BUT God But... shows we are not convinced by Him or trust Him as reliable, caring, or competent, we have a question mark over His character!

Are you a “BUT GOD” person or a “GOD BUT” Person? 

Note The Psalmist Response?

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works.” –




HIS  PRESENCE = My Goodness –


HIS PROCLAMATION- My Privilege- to Tell of God’s Works! –

Your body and soul may fail. be depleted “BUT GOD…” will not leave you without His help! For He is faithful. He has committed Himself to you. He is for you. He is your strength, your rock, and refuge and eternal protection and provision. For you today and always there is a “BUT GOD…” is your portion, you have Him and He has you! Whatever others have or don’t you have HIM!

God Bless, Aidan.