God IS OUR Refuge and Strength, a very present help in time of trouble.” –{Psalm 46:1}

GOD “IS….”

The Psalmist knew from His Word and from personal experience what He was like, and to Him he testifies and reminds us, in time of trouble. “Trouble,” speaks of “a tight, narrow place.” We might call it “in between a rock and a hard place.” He testifies, there is no one but Him in whom we must and is worthy for us to turn to and trust! He is available and able to “help!” He refers to Him as his Strength, Refuge, who has been found to be reliable. a present tense God in his time of pressure! He testifies to, The God who “is! “ The Hebrew word “PRESENT” used here means “has been found,” that is He has always “proved ” Himself to be a help in time of trouble, rather than He is near in proximity, though He is! For He ”Is” Ever -Present, “Is” Personal.” He “Is” Pre-Eminent over any and all trouble! But how wonderful He has been found to be trustworthy, an ever present Helper. He is!



And note He is “OUR.” Here is Hope, His power and presence, strength and refuge and help is sufficient for all His! Think on that! He is neither drained of strength to help, nor weary from the Psalmist and countless others knowing Him and receiving from Him in time of “trouble.” Centuries of people could testify to His endless reservoir of gracious, tender, powerful provision. His reservoir is untouched in it’s volume, it never diminishes or runs dry. It is endless resource for He is endless! He has strength, refuge, and help for you too, in your time of trouble. “THE GOD WHO IS…!”